Communication Studies

Communication Studies Major
requires 22 hours of core courses, including:

CA130 Introduction to Film
CA135 Introduction to Media
CA140 Introduction to Communication & Media Studies
CA220 Philosophy of Communication
CA230 Communication Law & Ethnics
CA240 Interactive Media
CA390 Junior Capstone Preparation
CA499 Seminar / Capstone

In addition to the core courses, the major requires the completion of one of the following 24-hour concentrations:

Electronic Communication Production
CA123 Media Writing
CA310 Convergent Journalism
CA330 Audio and Video Production
GD115 Graphic Design Principles
GD214 Basic Computer Design
GD215 Intermediate Graphic Design
GD325 Introduction to Web Design
GD425 Advanced Web Design

Rhetoric & Media
CA250 Introduction to Rhetoric
CA370 Topics in Rhetoric & Media
CA380 Rhetorical Criticism
CA400 Advanced Topics in Communication Research

AND 12-hours of additional CA elective hours taken at the 300-400 level Integrated Language Arts

A separate major is available in Integrated Language Arts which allows the person to teach English, Speech, and Journalism in grades 7-12.

MINOR in Communication & Media
requires 18 hours, including:

CA140 Introduction to Communication and Media Studies
CA123 Media Writing OR CA240 Interactive Media
CA130 Introduction to Film OR CA135 Introduction to Media
CA220 Philosophy of Communication OR
CA230 Communication Law & Ethics
AND 6-hours of additional credit at the 300-400 level

MINOR in Rhetoric
requires 18 hours, including:

CA220 Philosophy of Communication
CA250 Introduction to Rhetoric
CA380 Rhetorical Criticism
AND 9-hours of additional credit selected from:
CA355 Organizational Communication
CA360 Topics in Film Studies *
CA370 Topics in Rhetoric and Media*
CA400 Advanced Topics in Communication Research*

*Topics vary from year to year – may be repeated once.