Multi-Age Licensure Programs



Besides the individual content courses for each licensure for Multi-Age Programs, all students must take these Core Education Courses:
ED 202 Instructional Technology
ED 221 Foundations of American Public Education
ED 228 Education of Exceptional Children
ED 229 Educational Psychology
ED 347 Reading in the Content Field
ED 370 Teaching Secondary Students
ED 468 Internship in Pre-K to Grade 12
ED 498 Internship Seminar
ES 234 Community First Aid and CPR


Licensure to Teach Physical Education and Health

BI229 Essentials of Human Anatomy and Physiology (with lab)
ES121 Introduction to Exercise Science
ES125 Personal and Community Health
ES256 Evaluation and Measurement in Health and Physical Education
ES330 Pharmacology
ES340 Nutrition
ES355 Exercise Physiology
ES356 Kinesiology and Biomechanics
ES481 Organization and Administration of Health, Physical Education and Sport
PE117 Secondary School Activities
PE222 Pre-K-Grade 3 Field Placement
PE224 Health and Physical Activities for Pre-K-3
PE259 Adapted Physical Education, Recreation and Sport
PE260 Middle School Physical Education
PE317 Secondary Physical Education Methods
PE358 Motor Learning and Movement Education
PE361 Principles of Coaching

one coaching methods course chosen from:
PE362 Methods in Coaching Track
PE363 Methods in Coaching Basketball
PE364 Methods in Coaching Softball
PE365 Methods in Coaching Baseball
PE366 Methods in Coaching Football
PE367 Methods in Coaching Volleyball
PE368 Practical Application in Coaching
HE177 School Health, Safety and Services
HE376 School Health Instruction for Middle School through grade 12
* Requires admission to Teacher Education Program
PY225 Infancy and Childhood
PY227 Adolescence and Adulthood
WE390 Introduction to Wellness Programming