Courses - Marketing Concentration


Major in Business Administration with a Marketing Concentration

AC 221 Financial Accounting
AC 222 Managerial Accounting
BA 140 Introduction to Business
BA 212 Business Statistics
BA 214 Quantitative Business Analysis
BA 215 Business Calculus
BA 228 Business Communication
BA 260 Business Ethics
BA 350 Business Finance
BA 363 Business Law
BA 365 International Business
EC 201 Microeconomics
EC 205 Macroeconomics
MG 331 Management and Org. Behavior
MG 332 Human Resource Management
MG 340 Teamwork and Teambuilding
MG 370 Management Information Systems
MK 340 Principles of Marketing

plus at least 12 semester credit hours taken from the following courses:
MK 341 Advertising and Promotion
MK 344 Retail Management
MK 348 Sales Management and Professional Selling
MK 410 E-Marketing
MK 442 Marketing Management
MK 449 Marketing Research
MK 460 Selected Topics in Marketing


Minor in Marketing

The marketing minor is designed to provide relevant courses to students whose majors are in another department and who desire to acquire the fundamentals of the marketing discipline. Students majoring in a business area may not obtain a minor in marketing. The marketing minor requires 24 semester credit hours including:

EC 201 Microeconomics
BA 228 Business Communication
BA 365 International Business
MG 331 Management and Organizational Behavior
MK 340 Principles of Marketing
MK 450 Buyer Behavior

Plus 6 semester hours of marketing electives