Courses - Psychology


Major in Psychology

The psychology major requires 36 credit hours including:

PY 110 Introduction to Psychology
PY 230 Behavioral Statistics
PY 260 Social Psychology
PY 290 Abnormal Psychology
PY 302 Psychology Research Methods*
PY 305 History and Systems of Psychology
PY 315 Theories of Personality
PY 430 Memory and Cognition
PY 498 Senior Seminar

plus 12 credit hours selected from:
PY 205 Sport Psychology
PY 225 Infancy and Childhood
PY 227 Adolescence and Adulthood
PY 270 Human Sexuality
PY 420 Industrial/Organizational Psychology
PY 450 Neuroscience (Strongly recommended for
students considering graduate school in
clinical psychology.)



Minor in Psychology

The psychology minor consists of Introduction to Psychology (PY 110) and an additional 15 credit hours of psychology courses, 6 of which must be at the 300 level or above.

General Education Requirements

To broaden your understanding of the world, 43 credits of general studies are required. These courses include arts and humanities (English, communication, religion, history, and art), natural sciences, social sciences, mathematics, computer literacy, and exercise science.


Electives are courses selected from either the major area or from the general education area to complete degree requirements.