David Stuckey

David Stuckey

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

Office: Tenzer Hall, Room 203D
Phone: 419-783-2464
Email: dstuckey@defiance.edu

Originally from Northwest Ohio, Professor Stuckey is an alumnus of Defiance College. After completing coursework for the doctorate in set theoretic topology at University of South Carolina, he taught at both Florida State University and Tallahassee Community College for five years. He spent two years at Marshall University Community and Technical College before returning to Defiance in 2000. Currently, Professor Stuckey is completing a Ph.D. at University of Toledo in number theory. He is interested in recent results in the Twin Prime Conjecture and his dissertation is on another method of finding twin primes.

Professor Stuckey is actively involved in the Mathematical Association of America, in particular in the Ohio section. He is currently in his fifth year as editor of the section newsletter, has given talks at various meetings, and has brought students to observe and also present at these section meetings. In 2014, he and another faculty member were able to travel with four students to Hartford, Connecticut for a national meeting. Since the overarching goal of the association is the promotion of mathematics in general, it is a good fit with Defiance College’s investment in student success.

M.A., Mathematics, Miami University, 1989
B.S., Mathematics, Education Licensure, Defiance College, 1986 

Professional Involvement
- Editor for Ohio Focus, the newsletter for the Ohio Section of the Mathematical Association of America
- Mathematical Association of America (MAA), member
- Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences (ACMS), member 

Academic Travel
Ohio Section Annual and Fall Meetings 2008 to present
MathFest 2016, Columbus, Ohio
MathFest 2013, Hartford, Connecticut
Joint Mathematical Meeting 2012, Boston, Massachusetts
MathFest 2006, Knoxville, Tennessee
Joint Mathematical Meeting 2004, Phoenix, Arizona
ACMS Biennial Meeting 2006, Wheaton, Illinois 

Recent Publications, Presentations, and Creative Works
- Comparing Squares with Products of Primes, Ohio MAA Annual Meeting, 2014
- On a Borda Style Voting Method, Ohio MAA Annual Meeting, 2006
- Sifting Out the Twin Primes, Bluffton University Seminar, Fall 2003
- The Master System of Short Method Arithmetic, Miami University Annual Conference, 2002
- New Method to Sift Out Twin Primes, Ohio MAA Annual Meeting, 2001 

Courses Taught
- Differential Equations
- Calculus I
- Calculus III
- Quantitative Reasoning
- Operations Research
- Modern Abstract Algebra
- History of Mathematics
- Senior Capstone Project
- Modern Geometry
- Discrete Mathematical Structures
- Principles of Geometry
- Real Analysis
- Calculus II
- Pre-calculus
- Linear Algebra
- Probability and Statistics
- Business Calculus
- Business Statistics
- Developmental Algebra I and II
- Geometry
- Trigonometry
- College Algebra