Tim Wedge

Tim Wedge

Associate Professor of Practice of Digital Forensic Science

Office: Dana Hall, Room 7
Phone: 419-783-2415
Email: twedge@defiance.edu

Currently an Associate Professor of Practice at Defiance College, Tim Wedge has been working in the field of information technology for more than 30 years, and has been in the field of computer forensics / high tech crime for the past 16 years. His non-fiction articles and papers have been published in “The Informant,” “DFI News,” and “The Journal of Digital Forensic Science and Law.” His poems and short stories have been published in “Progeny,” The 2014 and 2016 Word Branch Publishing Science Fiction Anthology, and “Moments, Moods, and Memories.” He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science summa cum laude and a Master’s in Criminal Justice.

He is a member of HTCIA (High Technology Crime Investigators Association) and is the faculty advisor for that organization’s Defiance College student chapter. Professor Wedge is also the faculty advisor for DCPC (Defiance College PC repair) and the Defiance College chapter of “Free the Slaves,” an international anti-human trafficking organization. Additionally, he is the chair of the Education and Awareness subcommittee of the 6 county chapter of the Northwest Ohio Rescue & Restore Coalition, a local anti-human trafficking organization.

After retiring from the U.S. Navy in 2001, he was a computer crime specialist at the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C) for more than 8 years, during which he developed and delivered more than a dozen basic, intermediate, and advanced courses in computer forensics and online investigation, and taught more than three thousand law enforcement officers. Through NW3C’s partnership with Purdue University, he was also visiting faculty at Purdue University from 2005 to 2009, teaching several computer forensics courses and collaborating with Purdue faculty on several computer forensic research projects. He also conducted computer forensic examinations for U.S. Military Intelligence, where he encountered instances of human trafficking. This resulted in a profound shift in his career goals to direct his talents to the fight against human trafficking. He has been invited to present on the subject in a variety of forums in such diverse places as Fairmont, WV, and Doha, Qatar. When not actually teaching or pursuing research opportunities to develop new methods for detecting and investigating human trafficking cases, he is working on short stories and his upcoming novel: "Marti Martinez and the Fishbowl Girls."

M.A. Criminal Justice, American Military University (Huntington, WV), 2011
B.S. Computer Science summa cum laude, National University (La Jolla, CA), 1996

Professional Involvement
- Chair of the Education & Awareness subcommittee, 6 county chapter of the Northwest Ohio Rescue & Restore Coalition
- Member: High Tech Crime Investigator’s Association (HTCIA)
- Faculty advisor: Defiance College student chapter of HTCIA
- Faculty advisor: Defiance College student chapter of "Free the Slaves"
- Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP), 2003
- Certified Forensic Computer Examiner (CFCE), 2002
- Microsoft Certified System Engineer (MCSE) (NT4 version), 1999
- A+ certified, 1999 

2015 “Ohio Liberator Award” presented to the Defiance College Chapter of "Free the Slaves" for the development of FAGIN (Facial Analysis to Gain Information Now), an application designed to identify child sex trafficking victims being sold online. 

Recent publications, presentations, and creative works
- Presentation: “What Slavery Costs Us,” Defiance, OH, “Defying Human Trafficking in our Community” hosted by the Northwest Ohio Rescue & Restore Coalition, June 2016
- Short Story: “Ice Breaker,” Scattered Stars: The 2016 Word Branch Publishing Science Fiction Anthology, 2016
- Short story: “Just Us,” Nascence: The 2014 Word Branch Publishing Science Fiction Anthology, 2014
- “Training is Not Enough: A Case for Education Over Training,” DFI News, Spring 2013
- Presentation: “Technology vs. Slavery: Magic Lanterns for the 21st Century,” Columbus, OH, “Breaking the Chains” Human Trafficking conference hosted by Ohio Dept. of Public Safety, Criminal Justice Services, June, 2013
- Book review: “The Basics of Digital Forensics by John Sammons.” Computers & Security (Elsevier).  Volume 31, Issue 6, September 2012
- Presentation: “Technology vs. Slavery,”  Doha, Qatar, Cybercrime and Human Trafficking conference hosted by Qatar Foundation for Combating Human Trafficking, November, 2011
- “Designing Laboratories for Small Scale Digital Device Forensics," Proceedings of the Conference on Digital Forensics, Security, and Law (with Rick Mislan), January 2008
- “Hooked on Phorensics,” The Informant Magazine, Spring 2008
- “Computer Forensics Field Triage Process Model,” Journal of Digital Forensics, Security, and Law (with Marc Rogers, Jim Goldman, Rick Mislan and Steve DeBrota), January 2006 

Courses Taught
- Field Experience
- National Certification
- Network Forensics
- Fundamentals of Computer Networks
- Advanced Issues in DFS
- Seizing and Imaging Digital Evidence
- Data Storage Fundamentals
- Research Project
- A+ Essentials
- A+ Practical Applications
- Introduction to Digital Forensic Science
- Intro to Information Security
- Operating Systems
- Computer Security & Forensics Ethics
- Introduction to Human Trafficking
- Independent Research
- Mobile Device Forensics
- Digital Forensic Field Experience
- Writing the World
- Composition I