Frequently Asked Questions

What areas are supported by the Annual Fund?

The Annual Fund provides DC with a steady stream of revenue. It funds all areas of the DC budget, including financial aid, curriculum and faculty development, facilities, classroom equipment, technology upgrades, career planning resources, guest lecturers, program operating funds, campus maintenance, laboratory and computer equipment.

Can I choose where my money goes?
You can choose to designate what your gift supports. Simply note where your gift should go in the comment section of the on-line giving form, or include a note when you send your check. If you choose not to restrict your gift, it will go where the College needs it most.

Why should I give?
You should support the Defiance College Annual Fund because:

What are matching gifts?
Many corporations match their employees’ charitable giving, allowing you to double or triple your gift. You can pick up a matching gift form from your (or your spouse's) human resources or personnel office. Please complete the form and enclose it with your gift to Defiance College.

What are Gift Societies?
Members of Gift Societies are those who make a statement of their belief in DC though their financial investment above and beyond the average gift. Individuals joining a Gift Society are recognized annually in the College’s Honor Roll of Donors.

Annual Gift Societies (including restricted and unrestricted gifts)




Impact of Giving

Student Janelle Doenges

“I came to DC from a high school where I got one-on-one attention. I was afraid I wouldn’t have that coming to DC. But the professors and staff here are very helpful. I’ve been able to step out of my comfort zone, and I’m more willing to help others.”

-Janelle Doenges