...if every student who came to Defiance College had an opportunity to attend an opera, a symphony, or a ballet. Or, to visit an art or science or history museum.

...if every DC student had an opportunity to travel domestically with one or two faculty members to experience and learn more deeply about issues related to the student’s major – much like the popular Winter Term experiences of past years.

...if every DC student had an opportunity to travel with a professor to Philadelphia to learn about the beginning of our nation.

With your help, Defiance College is on the brink of creating a distinctive Defiance College Model of Academic Excellence. Your assistance in meeting our goal for $3.5 million in seed money for this series of initiatives can open a world of learning and opportunity for DC students. Just imagine the kinds of initiatives that your contributions will help us bring to life.

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The Initiatives

A Cultural/Arts and Humanities Initiative in which every Defiance College student has an opportunity before graduating to attend a wide range of mind-broadening cultural experiences: an opera in Detroit, a symphony in Cleveland, a ballet, a musical, art and science museums in Chicago, and more.

Your Contribution Can Serve as Seed Money to Get
These Initiatives Off the Ground.

With $3.5 million, Defiance College will be able to implement these programs over the next five years, thereafter incorporating them into the operating budget as ongoing educational opportunities. You can help make these initiatives an ongoing part of the DC experience and the foundation of a nationally-distinctive Defiance College Model.

You’re Invited to Come Along!

Do you wish you could be back at DC taking advantage of some of these initiatives? Well, you can! That’s right, alumni are invited to come along, as we travel with our students to cultural events, and on domestic and international trips. All we ask is that for every trip you attend, you sponsor another student with financial need to come along. For more details on how to be part of these DC Edventures, please contact the Office of Institutional Advancement at 419-783-2316.


Many of the students attending DC receive generous
financial aid – thanks to alumni and friends like you.

With today’s economic situation, student need is even greater. Our Financial Aid Initiative seeks $2.5 million to provide immediate assistance to deserving students. There is no better investment you can make than helping a DC student achieve his/her potential. Your contribution helps the student now, but has tremendous positive ripple effects on that student’s future family, our society, and our nation.

Contribution Form (pdf)





 Student Matt Coons

“I never had an opportunity to go to the opera until a group of us went with President Gordon and his wife to La Boheme in Detroit. It was a blast: some really stirring music and a pretty moving plot. And with the supertitles, you could even follow along with what the singers were saying in Italian.
I came to DC to major in digital forensics – which I love – but even though I am just a freshman, I am discovering that there is a lot more to a DC education than what goes on in the classroom. I am really grateful to the alumni who are making it possible for me to grow in so many different ways.”
Matt Coons, Class of 2014