Academic Success

ASD Affinity Program

Defiance’s ASD Affinity Program offers students with ASD the environmental and professional support services needed to overcome barriers and provide for avenues of academic success in the traditional college setting. The prominent place our Hench Autism Studies Program has enjoyed on the Defiance College campus has fostered a campus-wide appreciation for the contributions students with ASD bring to the college community.


  • Students enroll in no more than 12-13 credit hours during their first semester of coursework leading toward the bachelor’s degree.
  • Beyond the first semester, credit hour levels are based on academic performance in alignment with the policy for all DC students.
  • Faculty advisors in the student’s major are trained to work with ASD students and strive to provide the same type of advising offered to all DC students.
  • Peer mentors and tutors assist with advice about courses, course sequences, co-curricular opportunities, instructors, and other academic matters.
  • Peer tutors assist with organization, time management, and self-advocacy.
  • Students meet regularly with professional staff.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of appropriate support services are conducted for each student during the spring of the academic year and implemented for the following fall.