Social and Personal Growth

ASD Affinity Program

Defiance College's ASD Affinity Program promotes competencies in social behavior, relationship building, communication, and environmental awareness. Social and emotional competencies are integrally related to success in the academic domain.

Peer mentors facilitate structured social opportunities, facilitate new social connections, and assist with social concerns and questions.

With the assistance of ASD Affinity Program residence advisors, students engage in a menu of campus and community events such as sporting events, theater performances, music performances, shopping excursions, movies, and festivals. Through these experiences, students will be encouraged to develop individualized social networks.

Instructional sessions (non-credit bearing) designed to strengthen social skills and enhance personal confidence occur weekly under the direction of the ASD Affinity Program Coordinator.

Transition to different types of social support occur as a combination of performance in all three domains of academic, social, and residential and daily living are improved.