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The Master of Arts in Education (MAE), grounded in the college’s mission, is dedicated to enhancing and improving the skills, knowledge, attitudes, and competencies of current and future professionals in the fields of education and sport coaching. We are committed to preparing lifelong professionals in theory and research, becoming reflective facilitators of learning, and as competent leaders in creating a community of learners in diverse learning environments.


Master of Arts in Education
The Master of Arts in Education offers a broad perspective in the areas of effective teaching and learning, leadership, multiculturalism, and research to enrich the professional lives of future and current leaders in education and sport coaching.


Sport Coaching Concentration
The Sport Coaching Concentration is designed for leaders in school sport, club sports and camps, and other physical activity delivery systems (athletic leagues, YMCA, parks and recreation, etc.). This program offers graduate candidates a strong background in the academic areas that inform effective and positive coaching. The framework is that coaches are teachers foremost, and that learning to coach is an on-going, lifelong pursuit. The research and theory examined and critically considered in the program provides graduate candidates with the tools and skills to successfully pursue this very important work of committing to reflective practice as a sport coach.


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