Kelsey Huff Perry ’09

Kelsey Huff Perry’s experiences as a McMaster Scholar to Cambodia have had a long-lasting impact. From a practical standpoint, she improved her skills in research, writing, and public speaking. “I also have more confidence to bring to light needs or disadvantages around the office or community,” says says.

She vividly recalls a presentation she gave to physicians in a hospital in Phnom Penh. “My preparation through the McMaster School gave me the confidence to strive forward with my presentation on tuberculosis. I felt I overcame several barriers that day, both personally and culturally. I had a great sense of accomplishment and pride in my work. I was also overwhelmed by the compassion I felt for a community in need. At that time I realized the importance of service learning and how it could change the world.”

Kelsey has also come to realize that there is much to do wherever she lives. “I’ve learned by creating a change in your own community, you will eventually make changes across the world.”

Kelsey is currently a physician assistant at the University of Michigan where she performs pre-operative clearance and risk assessment for surgeons.

Kelsey Huff Perry
Kelsey Huff Perry during a Defiance College McMaster trip.

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