Brittany Coats

Brittany Coats arrived on the Defiance College campus four years ago not knowing where her college career would lead her. She is amazed by her journey that has taken her to experiences both here at home and around the globe that have touched her heart and opened her mind to incredible possibilities for the future.

In the fall, she will head to the SIT Graduate Institute in Brattleboro, Vermont, to pursue a master's degree in international education. Her career goal is to work with college students in conducting research-based projects abroad to help others in need, while at the same time, continuing her own science-based research in international community health.

"As a three-time McMaster Scholar, I have grown in so many unimaginable ways. First off, I extensively expanded my education within my scientific discipline in two extremely interesting areas. Not only that, in doing so I was able to offer the potential to save lives in places around the world. As an undergraduate student, I think that the opportunity to do such a thing is pretty amazing. I've learned how to communicate and train across language barriers, tailor presentations to a vastly dynamic series of audiences and environments, and think quickly on my feet in circumstances that were not expected. After such enriching and intense experiences, I feel that I can do anything."

Brittany Coats
Brittany holds a boa constrictor while on a visit to the Belize Zoo.

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