Ashton Judis ’10

For Defiance College alumna Ashton Judis, the impact of her McMaster Scholar experience is crystal clear. Her project during her two trips to Belize was to teach water safety, CPR and first aid procedures to residents of the village of San Carlos. After finishing her lessons during the second visit, Ashton was approached by a young boy who told her he had used the techniques taught the previous year to save another boy that was drowning in the lagoon. “He thanked me for coming back again to teach the safety protocols,” she says. “At that moment, I realized the impact that the McMaster School had on the global community. The McMaster School initiatives are not just one-time service projects, but rather research and service that helps to improve lives and conditions, even if it is one life at a time.”

Ashton ‘s perspective of the world has changed significantly. “I look at individuals from other countries and cultures and appreciate the differences,” she says. “I embrace the dissimilarity in ways of life. I have learned to look at the world from a much broader perspective than ever before, with an open mind and appreciation for diversity.”

Ashton is currently director of the Service Leadership Program at Defiance College and is heavily involved with the student-run nonprofit organization Project 701.

Ashton Judis
Ashton Judis during a Defiance College McMaster trip.

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