Catie Savage ’14

With plans to be a middle school math teacher, Catie Savage loved that she was able to apply her classroom and textbook knowledge to real life when she traveled as a McMaster Scholar to Belize. It was her first experience in teaching a class when she walked into the San Carlos school.

But what she remembers most from the experience is the people with whom she worked. “This village is filled with many amazing people who were so excited for us to be there,” she recalls. “They were not excited that we were there to do things for them, but rather, they were happy that we could teach them how they could improve their lives. I will never forget our last day and saying goodbye to all of the students as they gave hugs and yelled ‘Bye, Teacher!’”

The lasting impact of Catie’s interactions extends to her time with Defiance College peers. “Being a McMaster Scholar is more than just a title,” she says. “It means you are part of a family.” All of the time spent both before and after the trip with her learning community instilled in Catie the insight and value of being able to work with students and other professionals.  “It takes the entire group working together to complete everything.”

Catie Savage
Catie Savage working with children in Belize.

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