Cord Speelman ’14

During his 2011 journey to Belize as a McMaster Scholar, Cord Speelman experienced the long hours of rough road conditions traveling on the ground. But the business administration major put a positive spin on the arduous travel. “That is where I was able to think about what I planned to do in San Carlos and the other towns and cities in Belize,” he recalls.

Cord applied to be a McMaster Scholar to pursue his goal of working with artisans to sell their artwork through the DC Art Box fair trade store. While in Belize, Cord made connections with several artists in small rural towns.  The artists do not currently have access to local markets because of their remote location and difficult road conditions. Cord and other DC students are working on ways to create a market for their goods in the U.S.

Cord says that his Belize experience taught him leadership and teamwork. “This trip has helped me grow not only as a student, but as an adult. I am very thankful for what I have and the education that I am receiving at Defiance College.” Cord’s career goal is to become a marketing manager for a major corporation.

Cord Speelman photos
Cord Speelman with artwork and classmates in Belize during a Defiance College McMaster trip.

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