Lynn Haller ’12

Lynn Haller ’12 knew before she was enrolled as a Defiance College student that she wanted to participate in the McMaster Program for Advancing Humanity.  She knew that its benefits were many – helping others to achieve a better life, experiencing other cultures, and gaining skills that would be of value in her professional career. Traveling internationally and conducting research and service projects helped Lynn develop greater self-confidence, leadership skills, street smarts, greater cultural awareness, and something she calls “controlled fear.” A variety of situations helped her deal with some personal phobias (fear of bridges and heights).

Lynn is currently attending the University of Notre Dame where she is pursuing a master’s degree in accountancy with plans to become a CPA.

Through the McMaster School, “I have become more aware of issues culturally and economically that affect this world,” Lynn says.  “What’s more, I’ve seen those issues from both sides of the same coin.”

Lynn Haller
Lynn Haller in New Orleans during a Defiance College trip.

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