Phoenix Golnick ’13

Phoenix Golnick has had the remarkable experience of being a McMaster Scholar for three consecutive years – each year to a different domestic or international location. As a sophomore she was part of the New Orleans learning community, and as a junior she ventured overseas to Ghana. This year, Phoenix joined students and faculty in December for a McMaster experience in Belize.

Through her travels, Phoenix has grown to appreciate the opportunities presented to her. She has developed essential critical thinking, research, and communication skills needed for her academic career and future profession.

“Going through the learning communities, whether McMaster- or Honors-related, was emotionally and mentally tough and draining, but that was always forgotten when I arrived where we were going and I realized that I do know what I am doing and I am prepared,” she said. “Completing my projects were the most rewarding experiences I have ever had.”

McMaster programs have taught Phoenix to be “more confident and comfortable in my own country as well as other countries.” She has learned “how to cross cultures and appreciate my own in the right ways.”

After graduation, Phoenix plans to pursue a master’s degree in either nursing or biology.

Phoenix Golnick
Phoenix Golnick during a Defiance College McMaster trip.

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