Kristi Jo Leaders

Kristi Jo Leaders

TitleAssistant Director of Public Relations & Communications, Digital Marketing Executive, College Photographer, Social Media Director, Website Coordinator
College Attended: Defiance College '09
Degree: Bachelor of Arts, double major in English and Graphic Arts

Advice: Step outside your comfort zone once in a while; you may be amazed by how much you grow as a result. Be openminded. Listen and observe others around you.

Quote: "Your value does not decrease based on someone's inability to see your worth." - Unknown

As an undergrad, I chose DC because I did not want to disappear into the crowd. With smaller classroom numbers, you get recognized as an individual and form meaningful relationships with your professors. Attending a small school provides you many advantages to be successful. Practicing major-specific tasks will result in a greater comfort in holding responsibility of said tasks, while nurtured by individual attention and guidance from faculty who are right beside you to work through your strengths and weaknesses.

There are amazing opportunities on campus to see the world through a variety of perspectives, locally and globally, and to grow both personally and professionally. The faculty and staff are watching out for your best interests even before you become a student. They want you to succeed, and it shows.

Take the initiative to befriend faculty and staff, as they can help you find experience relative to your career or even be a reference for you after graduation.

Go Yellow Jackets!

Kristi Jo Leaders
Assistant Director of Public Relations & Communications
Digital Marketing Executive
College Photographer
Social Media Director
Website Coordinator