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Not sure where to start your job search for a teaching position? Here are some helpful resources.

College Central Network

College Central Network is an online job posting and resume database system available for Defiance College students and alumni. 

Search jobs posted at our school!

Job Search Resources

  • Ohio Department of Education Interactive Web Center
    Look up information on every Ohio school district, contact information, current administrators, and enrollment. The ODE also lists administrative and teaching positions available in Ohio school districts.
  • Teachers Support Network
    Lists teaching vacancies and provides tools and strategies to help differentiate you from other candidates.


Teaching in Other States

If you are thinking about teaching in another state you will need research information about becoming certified to teach that state as well as how to apply to individual school districts for positions.



Ohio Department of Education
This site provides certification and licensure information for Ohio teachers.

In order to teach in another state, you must become certified in that state. You will have to apply for teacher certification in that state.

Ohio is part of the NASDTEC Interstate Agreement Facilitating Mobility of Educational Personnel. This contract agreement outlines the conditions in which each state will grant teaching certificates to persons holding standard certificates from other states. Visit the NASDTEC website or the State Departments of Education to search for the requirements of each state.

Job Search Correspondence


You may have a school district ask for your credentials. Credentials are your references, transcript, and teaching certificate.

Before the advances in technology, career services offices typically maintained paper credential files for students. These days, most job candidates are managing their own credentials electronically. You should always keep a hard copy of all your credentials as a backup.

Documents needed:

  1. Resume

  2. References/Letters of Recommendation
    You will need three to five current references from people who have observed you teaching or working with youth. Ask your cooperating teachers, principals, supervising faculty or anyone else who has seen your working with children/adolescents. Some schools may ask for actual letters of recommendation so it is a good a idea to have your references right a general letter of recommendation than you can use as needed.

  3. Copy of your transcript
    Can be obtained from the Registrar's Office.

  4. A copy of your teaching certificate, once you have earned it.

Optional Items:

  1. Evaluation of your teaching
  2. Sample lesson or unit plan
  3. Statement of your teaching philosophy



Portfolios should be used to support your answers and as evidence of how you teach. Don’t turn it into an expensive scrapbook. Keep it small and simple. Plan to use five or six pieces to pull out as evidence during your answers to interview questions.

Items you may want to include in your portfolio:

  • Your credentials
  • Statement of your teaching philosophy
  • Sample lesson or unit plans
  • Photos of lesson plans in action
  • Samples of students’ work
  • Any other items that will sell you as a teacher


Sample Interview Questions

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