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Health Insurance Policy

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It is NCAA policy that all full time students participating in sports provide proof of health insurance coverage. Please check with your present insurance company as to their coverage while your son/daughter is away to college.

Primary Insurance

Defiance College no longer provides health insurance options for students. Health insurance is strongly recommended due to high health care cost. Students are encouraged to seek health coverage by one of the following:

  1. Health insurance of a parent or legal guardian,

  2. Purchase their own health insurance through an outside provider.

  3. IMPORTANT: No out-of-state Medicaid is accepted by healthcare providers in the area, except in the case of a medical emergency regardless of whether or not their Medicaid follows them.

Please provide a copy of your insurance card during orientation if you have one. In the case of uninsured students, the Defiance College nurse will make recommendations and referrals to local health care providers as needed. It will then be the student’s responsibility to follow through with her recommendations. Although care at the Defiance College Health Center is free, any bills incurred outside of the Health Center will be sent to your primary insurance first. If you have provided us with no health insurance coverage information, the outside medical bills will be sent to the student or parents, depending on student preference. Defiance College is not responsible for remaining balances.


Athletic Health Insurance Policy

The Athletic Department of Defiance College coordinates a health insurance policy for athletes participating in intercollegiate athletics. This policy only covers the athlete during specified intercollegiate events. The athletic policy is designed to help offset medical expenses associated with injuries occurring during participation in intercollegiate athletics. Defiance College is not responsible for remaining balances resulting from an athletic injury.

The policy holds a $500 deductible. This deductible follows payment of the primary health insurance FOR EACH CLAIM, and is the responsibility of the athlete. This policy will work as a primary insurance policy if needed, however the $500 deductible still exists, and is the responsibility of the athlete.

In order to assure that bills are being paid by the appropriate parties, the athletic training staff needs to be informed of EVERY injury that occurs during athletic participation.

Questions about this policy should be directed to:

Kevin M. Tong, MSEd., ATC/L

Defiance College Head Athletic Trainer