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A Health Record is a requirement for admission to Defiance College for all full-time students. We require a copy of all immunizations. It is required by the State of Ohio to have documented proof of the Meningitis Vaccine (Menactra) and the Hepatitis B Vaccine (a series of three injections.) This is for the protection of all students and the community.

The easiest method for obtaining your immunization record is from your high school, your family physician or your County Health Department where you may have gotten your immunizations. Please get a copy for your medical record at Defiance College. It will be filed in the Health Center located on the second floor of the Serrick Campus Center.


Required Health Forms


Exemption from Immunizations

If you choose to exempt yourself from any of the immunizations because of religious beliefs, allergies, or other reasons, and you understand the seriousness of these diseases, you can complete the Application for Exemption from Immunizations form.