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Religious Studies classes at Defiance College include the study of diversity within religious traditions based on different practices and beliefs about important topics such as gender, sexuality, race, and other social factors. Although some students in Religious Studies go on to careers within religious organizations, the majority of Religious Studies majors go into other careers including in education, law, medicine, and non-profit or community organizations. * Therefore, Religious Studies courses would be helpful for those who are curious about other worldviews as well as those who plan to go into careers that will interact with diverse communities.

Religious Studies pursues the academic study of religion and its various impacts and influences across different historical time periods and cultures. Courses in Religious Studies introduce students to a wide variety of religious traditions across the world including Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and more. Students develop life-long skills including how to conduct research, write effectively, and critically reflect upon and analyze information. The study of religion is interdisciplinary and uses a variety of methods from sociology, anthropology, history, and other fields, which offers great preparation for students interested in attending graduate school. Religious Studies classes would benefit students from multiple majors and career goals. 

In Religious Studies, we have faculty that are excited to share their knowledge, and who specialize in cutting edge research in the field of religion. As part of our faculty, we are excited to include the position for the Krieger Visiting Scholar in Religious Studies. The Krieger Scholar is a rotating position that regularly brings in new and exciting faculty for students to learn from. These scholars offer a variety of area specialization within the religious traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The mission of the Krieger Scholar is to enhance inter-religious education with the aim to improve understanding, justice, and peace. The Krieger Scholar is also responsible for offering exciting programming on campus. Previous programming has included interesting guest speakers, cultural performances, movie viewings, and an annual Hanukkah celebration. The events planned by Krieger Scholars add to the experiential learning in Religious Studies classrooms such as site visits to places of worship. For more information, please contact one of our faculty members. We hope to see you in our classes!

For more information about careers and post-graduate education for students majoring in Religious Studies, see page 8 and 14 of the American Academy of Religion’s survey here

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100% acceptance rate in theological school/seminary
100% placement rate in church education/faith formation and youth ministry positions
100% placement rate for church professionals in youth ministry, lay ministry, or director of Christian education

Seminaries and graduate schools attended by our graduates include:

Andover-Newton Theological School
Chicago Theological Seminary
Christian Theological School (Disciples of Christ)
Concordia Theological Seminary
Eden Theological Seminary
Harvard University
Lancaster Theological Seminary
Loyola University
Methodist Theological School in Ohio
United Theological Seminary of the Twin Cities
United Theological Seminary of Dayton
University of Chicago
University of Dayton
University of Denver
Yale Divinity School


Kathryn Phillips, Ph.D.
Kate Davis, Ph.D.