Parking Information


All student motorized vehicles on campus must be registered annually with the Office of Student Life (Hubbard Hall 128) at the beginning of each academic year or within five class days following a student's enrollment at the College. Students may only register one motorized vehicle on campus. Faculty and staff may register multiple vehicles, but are encouraged to have only one vehicle on campus at a given time. All registered vehicles must display a parking sticker in the left front windshield area to avoid being ticketed for an unregistered vehicle. Students are issued new registration stickers for their motorized vehicles each year.


Students must complete a vehicle registration with the Office of Student Life.
All students are automatically billed a $80 parking fee at the beginning of the academic year ($40 if enrolling after fall semester).
Students who do not plan to park a vehicle on campus may opt out of this parking fee by completing the parking waiver online or in the Office of Student Life in order to remove the fee from their student account. This waiver should be completed by the tenth day of the academic semester in which the fee is charged. The student parking fee is non-refundable.

Personal motorized vehicles may not be parked or stored inside any campus buildings.


Violators will be ticketed and/or towed.
Specific parking designations are identified for residential and commuting students, as well as faculty, staff, and affiliated personnel.

Residential student vehicles are prohibitedat the Weaner Community Center and McMaster Gym AT ALL TIMES.

On weekdays, between 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. during fall and spring terms, residential students are not permitted to park in Hubbard/McCann, Serrick Campus Center, or Dana Hall parking lots.

Residential parking at the Dix Tennis Courts or Coressel Stadium parking lots is prohibited on all HOME GAME DAYS.

ALL student and visitor parking is prohibited at the parking lot of St. John United Church of Christ (located between the church and the Weaner Community Center) when orange cones are present and it is posted "Church Parking Only."


Handicapped, visitor, or maintenance-only parking spaces.
Motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited in fire lanes, driveways, grass, sidewalks, and any other designated restricted areas.


Initial sticker for vehicle: $80.00
Replacement sticker (if lost): $80.00


Ticket for parking in a restricted area: $35.00
Ticket for excessive speed/other dangerous operation: $35.00
Ticket for failure to register: $80.00


A student who has received a ticket has 3 calendar days after issuance of a ticket to submit a written appeal or online appeal to the Office of Student Life. These appeals will be reviewed by student members of the College Judicial Committee who will make a determination. If a student disagrees with the decision of the student panel, they may appeal to the Dean of Students, whose decision will be final.

A student who does not file an appeal within 3 calendar days from date of the ticket waives the right to appeal.

It is the responsibility of each member of the college community to read, understand, and abide by these regulations. Ignorance of these regulations is not grounds for appealing a violation. It is the responsibility of the registered driver to make sure others operating their motorized vehicle understand and obey the College's regulations.

The College has established basic regulations in order to have proper control of the operation of motorized vehicles. These motorized vehicle regulations are updated annually and are distributed to students when vehicles are registered each year. When these regulations are not followed, a student can expect to be issued a ticket, have the vehicle towed, or lose the privilege of having a vehicle on campus. In extreme cases of misconduct involving motorized vehicles, a student may be suspended from the College. The owner of a motorized vehicle will be held responsible for any fines or costs incurred in connection with the use or misuse of a motorized vehicle on-campus. Any fines incurred must be paid in the Business Office within ten days from the date of posting to the student account.

According to Ohio law, all motor vehicles must carry personal and property liability insurance. The College has no liability - and assumes none - for a student driving or riding in a private car, nor does the College assume any responsibility for the loss or damage to motorized vehicles brought to campus or for liability whatsoever related to the ownership or use of student vehicles.