Campus Safety and Compliance


Office Location: McCann 109
Phone: 419-783-2625
After Hours Crisis Phone: 419-439-0359


Security for the campus is provided by evening and overnight security personnel and the Defiance Police Department who provide periodic patrols through the campus 24‐hours a day. Defiance College security personnel have the authority to ask individuals for identification and to determine whether they have lawful business at the College. Individuals may be asked to leave campus if they are deemed to be a security threat or a disruption to the campus environment. Security personnel refer criminal matters to the Office of Student Life and local law enforcement as appropriate. The College cooperates fully with local law enforcement in criminal investigations relating to crimes alleged to have occurred on or near the campus.


All members of the Defiance College community should immediately report incidences of criminal activity. In emergency situations, contact local law enforcement by dialing 9‐1‐1 from any campus extension. For non‐emergency situations, contact the Security Office, ext. 2625. Student Life or Security personnel will assist you in making a formal report. Persons wishing to maintain anonymity may submit a confidential report for the purposes of crime reporting. This information will be used to help prevent crime and to alert members of the college community if warranted. Voluntary confidential reports of crime will be counted in the annual crime statistics for Defiance College.

If there is a serious incident that, in the opinion of the Dean of Students or local law enforcement, represents an ongoing or continuing threat to the campus, a "timely warning" will be issued. This information will be disseminated to the campus through the campus phone message system, campus email, the College website, and when appropriate, through the Emergency Notification System (ENS).


The Title IX Coordinator is the designated college official with primary responsibility for coordinating the College's compliance with Title IX. The Title IX Coordinator oversees the implementation of grievance procedures, which includes notification, investigation and disposition of complaints of sex discrimination. The Title IX Coordinator will coordinate the provision of educational materials and training for the campus community. Finally, the Title IX Coordinator will ensure a fair and neutral process for all parties and monitor all other aspects of the University's Title IX compliance. The Title IX Coordinator reports directly to the President of the College and is housed in the office of the Dean of Students. Questions about this policy should be directed to the Title IX Coordinator. Anyone wishing to make a report relating to discrimination or harassment may do so by reporting the concern to the college Title IX Coordinator.

Non-Discrimination Policy: Defiance College does not discriminate against any employee, applicant for employment, student, or applicant for admission on the basis of: race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, sex, gender, gender identity/expression, sexual orientation, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, veteran status or any other protected category under applicable local, state, or federal law, including protections for those opposing discrimination or participating in any grievance process on campus, with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, or other human rights agencies.

Title IX Coordinator:
Lisa Marsalek
Vice President for Student Affairs
Dean of Students
128 Hubbard Hall, 701 N. Clinton St., Defiance, OH 43512
419-783-2587 or

Trained Deputy Title IX Coordinators who can also offer assistance are available in the following offices:
Mary Burkholder
Director of Human Resources
106 F Defiance Hall, 701 N. Clinton St., Defiance, OH 43512
419-783-2360 or

Matthew Gehring
Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance, Facilities, and Internships
105H McMaster Center, 701 N. Clinton St., Defiance, OH 43512

Jennifer Walton
Associate Dean for Student Belongingness & Director of Residence Life
126 Hubbard Hall, 701 N. Clinton St, Defiance, OH 43512
419-783-2563 or

Additionally, anonymous reports can be made by victims and/or third parties using the online reporting form. Note that these anonymous reports may prompt a need for the institution to investigate.