Phone displaying apps on screen laying on a table with sketches of app development under it

The app development minor is designed for non-computer science majors seeking the ability to create cross-platform apps in order to prepare them for a fast-paced mobile environment. In addition to understanding and creating apps for popular mobile operating systems, students will also develop low-code solutions that are applicable to many businesses seeking to decrease the barrier for employees utilizing important data and optimizing employees' abilities to gain insights within their business.

18-20 credit hours
CSCI 105 Introductory Programming (3)
CSCI 205 Intermediate Programming (3)
CSCI 225 Visual Programming (3)
CSCI 325 Engineering Applications (4)

Choose two:
CSCI 110 Introduction to Web Development (2)
CSCI 305 Information Systems and Architecture (3)
CSCI 330 Understanding Programming Languages and Compilers (3)
CSCI 412 Web Media (3)
CSCI 414 Game Development I (4)


Aaron Napierala, M.S., M.Ed., MCSE, MCSA, Network+, A+