Defiance College offers a dual degree program with the University of North Dakota in Electrical and Civil Engineering. While at Defiance College, students major in math, earning a Bachelor of Science in Math. Study at the University of North Dakota is 100% online with the exception of lab work for the civil engineering degree in two, short summer terms. Students pay their tuition as stated in the Catalog to Defiance College as part of this agreement; Defiance College pays UND for courses out of this tuition.  

Students wishing to earn a dual degree need to do the following:
1. Fill out Declaration of Major form at DC indicating Dual Degree Engineering as major. Students at Defiance College major in Math.  
2. Apply to the University of North Dakota (UND) the semester prior to beginning coursework. An application fee is required by UND.  Under Student Type, please select Rize-Dual Degree Program Track.
3. Upon acceptance into UND, Defiance College will assign an advisor to ensure advising of both programs.
4. Students must maintain a 2.0 CGPA while enrolled at UND.
5. Each institution is responsibility for all policies and procedures governing their courses and the student experience. This includes all state and federal requirements.  

Math Major Program Requirements for degree from Defiance College

Engineering Major Program Requirements for degree from University of North Dakota - plans of study are available on myDC,  on the Defiance College website and the University of North Dakota website.