A student in a white shirt and a ball cap is crouching down to fill a water bottle from a spout to perform a water test.

The environmental science program at Defiance College gives graduates an understanding of the complex dynamics between the environment and the layers of communities that compose it. Students use critical reasoning and creative problem-solving skills to address issues that threaten global sustainability. To foster growth as scientists, students have access to the 250-acre Thoreau Wildlife Sanctuary as a living laboratory to conduct and analyze experiments.


Bowling Green State University
City of Columbus
Ohio Department of Natural Resources
Ohio Department of Transportation
United States Geological Survey
University of Toledo
Wayne State University



This organization was established to promote ecological restoration, develop/restore small ecosystems, and increase environmental awareness by connecting with nature through positive learning experiences which will benefit ourselves, our environment, and wildlife in our community. The Science Club is responsible for DC's campus-wide recycling program and road-side pickup. It is open to any student with an interest in environmental issues and the outdoors.


Sabrina Brown, Ph.D.
Nathan Griggs, Ph.D.