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President Mary Marvel '77

Mary Marvel graduated from DC in 1977 with a B.A. in Education and Social Work. During her years at DC, she was involved with the Beta Sigma sorority, Newman Club, and Student Education Association. Mary's favorite memory about her time at DC was all the fun and meaningful times in the Beta Sigma sorority. She has made life-long friends in it. Mary also liked the small college atmosphere, knowing the professors and the unique educational opportunities and experiences available. She also obtained her Master of Science from University of Dayton (1984 & 1993).

Mary worked as a high school math teacher and a substance abuse prevention coordinator for a large school system. After, she worked as a high school guidance counselor until retirement. Mary has received several awards for her substance abuse prevention work. She also received the DC Alumni Achievement Award in 2008.

Marvel thinks alumni/ae should stay connected and support the College because "Defiance College gave me a great education and one of the best, most memorable experiences of my life. I believe it is important to give back. Alumni support of college events role models for current students who will be future alumni and helps to ensure that current and future students will receive a top-notch education and experience at Defiance."