Restoration Ecology partners with the Black Swamp Conservancy

March 25, 2022

As part of DC’s Restoration Ecology program, students and professor Dr. Linda Tucker Serniak are working with the Black Swamp Conservancy to allow students to get hands-on experience with real restoration projects in the area.

A female student is crouching at the base of an Autumn Olive shrub
Recently, they went to the Forrest Woods Preserve near Cecil, Ohio, to remove Autumn Olive, a highly invasive shrub that grows thick and excludes native species.

Forrest Woods is the Black Swamp Conservancy's largest owned nature preserve, and they have been doing a lot of work to convert agricultural land there into functioning wetland habitats. A section of the preserve is a remnant of the Great Black Swamp and is home to 39 rare, threatened, and endangered species.

Students in the restoration ecology program walk in Forrest Woods Preserve on the hunt for Autumn Olive shrubs

The class will be returning to Forrest Woods this semester to remove Bush Honeysuckle, another invasive shrub common in the area, and to help remove tree tubes from a planting done a few years ago.

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Article by: Britta Baker, Marketing Coordinator