The McMaster Journal

Spring 2008, vol.3



Journal Cover 2008Poem: Justice and Charity
Dustin Wittenmyer

The Confluence of Charity and Justice
Catharine O'Connell, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Academic Dean, Defiance College

A Lifetime of Learning
Joe Matthews and JoAnne Hatch Matthews

Advancing Humanity in Belize

Spiro Mavroidis, Mary Ann Studer, Tiffany Baum, David Hammersmith, Jenna Kurtz, Diane Perkins, Alyssa Shuherk, Kaitlin Studer

Integrated Natural Resource Management in Context
Mary Ann Studer, M.S., McMaster Fellow

The New River Lagoon: Monitoring and Assessment
Spiro Mavroidis, Ph.D., McMaster Fellow

Onions or Papaya: The Dilemma on the Ground in Belize
Mary Ann Studer, M.S., McMaster Fellow

Carbon Sequestration Project at the Rio Bravo Conservation District
Tiffany Baum, McMaster Scholar 

Testing Lead Concentrations in Paint and Soil
Diane Perkins, McMaster Scholar

A Survey of the Medicinal Plants of the Maya
Jenna Kurtz, McMaster Scholar

An Effort to Lead Wild: Conserving the Yellow-Headed Parrot
Kaitlin Studer, McMaster Scholar

Project Books for Belize: A Look into Belizean Education
Alyssa Shuherk, McMaster Scholar

Chicleros, Chicle, and Community
David Hammersmith, McMaster Scholar

Advancing Humanity in Cambodia

Jo Ann Burkhardt, Jeffrey Weaner, Donald Buerk, Fred Coulter, Rachel Baker, Dena Boff, Craig Burke, Elizabeth Grafing, Devon Palk, Abigail Reichard, Sarah Stopke, Lindsay Whitman

The Historical Context of the Cambodia Project
Donald Buerk, Ph.D., McMaster Associate Fellow

Learning Communities to Improve the Human Condition
Jo Ann Burkhardt, Ph.D., McMaster Fellow

The Cambodian Women's Crisis Center: Safety, Shelter, Training . . . And Then?
Jeffrey Weaner, MSW, McMaster Fellow

Understanding Domestic Violence in Cambodia
Devon Palk

Teaching the World: Geography Lessons for Cambodian Teachers
Lindsay Whitman, McMaster Scholar

Fulfilling a Need for Teachers in Cambodia: Defiance College Students Develop Lesson Plans to be Used as Training Materials
Fred Coulter, Ph.D., McMaster Associate Fellow

Wiring Brain and Muscle: Teaching Cambodian Teachers to Ingrate Movement into the Classroom
Craig Burke, McMaster Scholar

Attacking Malaria with a Microscope
Rachel Baker, McMaster Scholar

Training Medical Professionals in Cambodia
Sarah Stopke, McMaster Scholar

A Stitch of Hope
Elizabeth Grafing, McMaster Scholar

Photographing the Present for History Tomorrow
Abigail Reichard, McMaster Scholar

Comparing Coping Skills in Different Cultures
Dena Boff, McMaster Scholar

Advancing Humanity in Guatemala

Diane Kaiser, Emily Meyer, Andrew Mickey

The Struggle Toward Literacy
Diane Kaiser, M.A., McMaster Fellow

Literacy Education in Guatemala: The Challenge of Resources
Emily Meyer, McMaster Scholar

Development of Health Education Curriculum for a Rural Guatemalan School
Randi Lydum, M.S., McMaster Associate Fellow

The Benefits of Health Education in Rural Guatemala
Andrew Mickey, McMaster Scholar

Advancing Humanity in Israel

L. Michael Spath, Don Knueve, Raed Mualem, Haitham Alkateeb, Kara Brant, Colby Carroll, Bilal Muta

A Region of Faiths
L. Michael Spath, Ph.D., McMaster Fellow

Dreams that Break Down Walls: The Children of Shu'Fat
L. Michael Spath, McMaster Fellow
Kara Brant, McMaster Scholar

A Survey of Graduates from Mar Elias Education Institutions
Don Knueve, Ph.D., McMaster Associate Fellow
Raed Mualem, Ph.D., Vice President, Mar Elias
Education Institutions (MEEI)
Haitham Alkateeb, Ph.D., professor, University of Indianapolis

Surveying Sixth and Seventh Graders
Bilal Muta, McMaster Scholar

Security Needs Start with the Community: The Lutheran Ministries in Jerusalem
Colby Carroll, McMaster Scholar