Belize Project, 2006-2007


Professor Spiro Mavroidis, Assistant Professor of Biology, will continue environmental monitoring to assess impacts on the New River Lagoon and surrounding 260,000 acre preserve in Belize. Research will involve identifying pollution sources that may have detrimental consequences to the seemingly pristine area. Student Scholars would have the opportunity to research any aspect (e.g., scientific, economic or social) of this multidimensional problem, namely environmental conservation in an underdeveloped country.

Professor Mary Ann Studer, Assistant Professor of Physical Science, Associate Dean, McMaster School for Advancing Humanity. Studer will be working with agricultural communities on the periphery of the Rio Bravo Conservation District to compile an agricultural survey and to develop a soil quality monitoring program for the indigenous community of San Carlos. Professor Studer will be developing a "needs" assessment based on quality of life for the same community. Working within a framework of Integrated Natural Resource Management, scholars will be able to support the efforts of the Rio Bravo Conservation District through applied interdisciplinary research conducted both within and on the periphery of the preserve.