Cambodia Project, 2006-2007


Dr. Jo Ann Burkhardt, Assistant Professor of Education - This proposal will continue the work begun with under-trained teachers in Cambodia during the 2004-05 and continued during 2005-06 academic years. For the 2006-07 academic year the project is to be implemented with the teachers in two rural schools located outside the city limits of Phnom Penh. It would be the intent of the project to utilize the teacher training manual developed and translated into Khmer for the 2005-06 projects with the teachers in the two rural schools.

Professor Jeffrey Weaner, Professor of Social Work and Sociology - The purpose of this research proposal is to examine the social, economic and psychological factors which lead to the successful transition of Cambodian women, from violent relationships to independent self-sufficient living. This project will take place at the Cambodian Women's Crisis Center in Phnom Penh and will also investigate how this research can be used to validate, improve or expand those services offered in Phnom Penh. The project seeks to expand to an additional agency setting to accommodate student research and service in the disciplines of social work and criminal justice many of our students' professional interests are in this area.