Israel and the Palestine Territories, 2006-2007


Dr. Michael Spath - This proposal is to investigate potential partnership between Abuna Chacour, President of Mar Elias Educational Institutions and Defiance College. The leaders of the Christian communities with whom Dr. Spath will be working at Mar Elias Educational Institutions (MEEI), the International Center of Bethlehem (ICB), and Wi'am Palestinian Conflict Resolution Center are each, in their own ways, not only in the religious and spiritual development of their people's lives, but also in a holistic perspective - the protection of human rights, the development of water resources and arable farmland and orchards, justice issues in the courts, sustainable economic development, the cultivation of the arts, theatre, and music, the education of children of all ages in educational institutions, and the offering of empowerment and enrichment programs for women and children. Dr. Spath will support scholar research from multi disciplines e.g. social work, science, religious education.