Tanzania, 2015-2016


Jeremy Taylor, Faculty, History - This project will conduct a SWOT analysis for KBTS's community outreach opportunities and relationship with the larger community. The goal of this project is to analyze the effectiveness and efficiency of current KBTS programs, identify new opportunities for outreach, and examine the organization's strengths and weaknesses.


MacKenzie Combs, Junior, Social Work - This project will work to empower women to start businesses, and provide an action plan so that women can gain economic independence and support their families.

Emily Denhard, Junior, Criminal Justice and Psychology - The purpose of this project is to continue teaching the women of Kantungulu Bible Training school about personal health and hygiene. This issue is a top priority request from the women themselves in past years that the McMaster team has been there.

Dava Donaldson, Senior, Global Studies - This particular project is a continuation of the project will develop, organize, and record the outcome of various fundraising events while maintaining active fundraising website accounts I order to provide capital to fund micro-lending and social entrepreneurship groups through the startup of a community development fund.

Katelyn Haydett, Senior, Molecular Biology - This project will continue the ongoing water quality analysis of numerous water sources located within the village of Katungulu. Testing for microbial contaminants such as Leptospira sp. and chemical imbalances in the water will serve as a measurement of ongoing research aimed to improve the water quality and determine a sustainable and permanent water filtration system.

Kaitlyn Kuhn, Sophomore, Early Childhood Education - This project will address the need for practical science education in the schools in Tanzania by conducting a two-day science camp in which students of all ages can participate in multiple experiments. In collaboration with the teachers on site this science camp will align to the national curriculum of Tanzania.

Ceresa Page, Junior, Molecular Biology - The purpose of this project is to continue the water testing initiative, introduce ways in which to prevent recontamination, to evaluate the ceramic water filters and installing new ones in various areas if needed.