Jacket Woods Disc Golf Course

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The DC Disc Golf course, known as Jacket Woods, winds throughout the campus and offers a scenic view as players walk the course which is mostly in wooded areas. The object of the game is to throw a flying disc at the basket in the fewest number of throws. Modern disc golf started in the early 60's and has been a rising trend, with around 3,000 courses in the US. It is a fun, interactive sport that is great for the entire family. Click here for course etiquette

This new course (click for map) has 18 holes and a place to tee off, just like regular golf. This course, however, offers beginners and more advanced players the opportunity to play the same course by having a "College" Course and a "Pro" Course. The Pro Course (click for map) and College Course (click for map) play the same holes, but have differing starting tee pads (the College Course tee pads are closer to the baskets and therefore easier). There is also a yellow basket and a white basket for each hole for those that want a more customizable experience. 

Course Etiquette 

Please park in the stone lot (shown on the course map). The course is open during all daylight hours (unless otherwise announced). The only public bathrooms on campus are the Hubbard Hall bathrooms. Hubbard Hall is located off College Place southwest of the stone lot. For scorecards, please visit here. In case of emergency on the course, please dial 9-1-1.

**Please, be courteous, as this is still a functioning private college campus. Be mindful that college-sponsored events could happen simultaneously with your play, and students always get priority. Please, do not enter any other buildings, including residence halls. Hubbard Hall (southwest of the stone lot) is the only building to be used during play (for bathroom purposes and The Hive only). Residence Halls are students' homes, so please be mindful of how loud you are. Also, always be respectful to students and staff members that you encounter. There are no vehicles to be driven on the course, and no pets are allowed. Drugs and alcohol are not permitted. Use of any tobacco products (including vapes and chewing tobacco) are only to be used in the parking lots. Any violations could result in being asked to leave.