Linda Tucker Serniak, Ph.D

Assistant Professor of Biology

Programs: Biology, Molecular Biology, Restoration Ecology,
Environmental Science, and Forensic Science.

Phone: 419-783-2593


faculty member linda tucker serniak headshot


Ecology, Botany, Zoology, and Restoration Ecology


Invasive species, community ecology, plant ecology, earthworms, ornithology, and entomology.


Serniak L.T., C.E. Corbin, A.L. Pitt, & S.T. Rier. 2017. The effects of Japanese
Knotweed on avian diversity and function in riparian habitats. Journal of
Ornithology 158(1): 311-321. doi: 10.1007/s10336-016-1387-6

Serniak L.T. 2016. Comparison of the allelopathic effects and uptake of Fallopia
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Serniak L.T. The Effects of Earthworms on Carbon Dynamics in Forest Soils, Reference
Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences, Elsevier. doi:


Bickford L.S., D.D. Powell, & L.T. Serniak. How earthworms affect the
growth and production of radish plants: a comparison of Lumbricus terrestris
and Amynthas agrestis. Ohio Academy of Science Meeting, Findlay, OH.

Serniak L.T. Earthworms: friend or foe? Invasives 2020, Vancouver, Canada. 2020
Serniak L.T. The Asian jumping worm: an emerging threat to western North
America. Invasives 2020, Vancouver, Canada.

Serniak L.T. & S. Chan. The bait that keeps on wiggling: vectors and
outreach for the Asian Jumping Worm. International Conference on Aquatic
Invasive Species, Montreal, Canada.

Serniak L.T. & L.J. Kayes. The muddiest point in a biology laboratory: does
low-effort feedback affect test scores and attitudes about learning science?
Society for the Advancement of Biology Education Research West Meeting,
Irvine, CA.

Chan S., K. Preston, L. Tucker, T. Siemens, K. Martin. Working with the
Fisheries Profession to Prevent the Selective Spread of the Asian Jumping
Worm (Amynthas spp) by Anglers through Bait and their Recreational
Activities. American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting, Tampa, FL.

Serniak L.T., K. Martin, S.S. Chan, T. Siemens, D. Goodrich, N. Moen, J.
Lam. What role might per owners have on unused pharmaceutical and
personal care products entering the aquatic environment? SerPIE One Health
Conference on Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products, Huntsville, AL.

Serniak L.T. & C.E. Corbin. The effects of Japanese Knotweed on avian
diversity and function in riparian corridors. Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
University Biologists Meeting, Indiana, PA.

Tucker L. Decomposition and Macroinvertebrate Colonization of Leaf Litter
from Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica). Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
University Biologists Meeting, Bloomsburg, PA.


Graduate Travel Award, Oregon State University
First Place Graduate Poster Presentation, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania University Biologists Meeting
Outstanding Graduate in Environmental Biology, Keystone College
Outstanding Research Award, Department of Natural Sciences & Mathematics,
Keystone College
Excellence in Research Award, Keystone College Research & Creativity


American Ornithological Society
Association of Field Ornithologists
Ecological Society of America


Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences, Oregon State University (2021)
Graduate Certificate in College & University Teaching, Oregon State University (2018)
M.S. in Biology, Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania (2015)
B.S. in Environmental Biology, Keystone College (2013)