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Mark Gordon

Welcome to Defiance College!

As president, I encourage you to browse the DC website. And, I wholeheartedly welcome you to visit our campus.

Approximately 10,000 men and women across the globe claim DC as their alma mater, and they excel in all walks of life. Our history overflows with inspiring stories of students who live out our mission – to know, to understand, to lead, to serve.

Defiance College is a wonderful place!

Defiance is a small college offering big opportunities. What does that mean? It means that our students get the individualized benefits of a student-centered small college, but they also get a world of opportunities beyond.

More and more, students are attracted to the distinguishing programs offered at Defiance College including a challenging academic atmosphere, international and domestic learning experiences, and distinctive opportunities that link the classroom to the real world. Combined with nationally recognized programs of civic engagement (that develop entrepreneurial and leadership skills), Defiance College students are gaining the tools to change the world and become leaders in their profession and their community.

Our students start working with us before they even begin their classes to put together distinctive Personal Success Plans, so that we can assist them in tailoring their DC education and experiences to their own individual interests and goals. Throughout their four years at Defiance, students benefit from a broad range of activities and experiences that are structured both to help them achieve their individual dreams and also to enable them to stand out in the job market and when applying to graduate schools.  As part of that approach, we work with students to help them develop their own Defiance College Resumé.

DC students also participate in a broad array of curricular and extra-curricular activities that give them distinctive hands-on experiences in their relevant fields.  For instance, DC students can:

We are particularly proud of the great work that our students have done in running Project 701, a unique student-run, separately-legally-incorporated non-profit, in which DC students create, develop, run and manage service projects.  From working with the two hospitals in town to run a free primary-care clinic to micro-finance lending; from providing computer repair services to packing backpacks full of food for needy elementary school students to take home on weekends, our DC students are gaining the tools to become entrepreneurial life-long learners, while also helping to address important local, regional, national, and international issues.  In fact, Defiance College was recently named one of the top 20 schools in the country in terms of community service and engagement.

DC students also get unique opportunities to travel both domestically and internationally.  Under our DC Global Program, we guarantee an international opportunity in the junior or senior year to students in good standing who successfully complete our full four-year program.  Over the past two years, DC students have traveled to Cambodia, Belize, Tanzania, Ghana, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, London, Paris, Vienna, Prague, Hungary, Slovakia, and more. Similarly, on a domestic level, DC students have traveled to New York City, Washington, D.C., Portland (OR), Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, St. Louis, Kansas City, Des Moines, Denver, Selma, Memphis, Chicago, Nashville, Florida, South Carolina, New Mexico, and elsewhere.

All of these extraordinary opportunities allow our students to open their eyes, raise their sights, open their minds, and, in many cases, open their hearts as well.

These are just a few of the many things Defiance College students are doing every day.  From our first-ever Yellow Jacket Marching Band to the McMaster School for Advancing Humanity, Hench Autism Studies Program, and 22 NCAA intercollegiate sports, there is something for every student and every interest.

As you can see, I am full of pride for our students, not to mention the faculty, administrators, coaches and staff who are here to support them and make their DC experience the best that it can be.

I invite you to learn more about everything that Defiance College has to offer. And, if you choose to make a campus visit, consider this your personal invitation to visit the President's Home and join me in a game of ping pong!


Mark C. Gordon

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