Faculty and Staff Directory - Defiance College

Defiance College Directory

Defiance College
701 N. Clinton St.
Defiance, Ohio 43512
419.784.4010  /  1.800.520.GODC


Part-time faculty are not listed at this time.


Academic Affairs
Phone: 419-783-2586

Phone: 419-783-2359
Fax: 419-783-2468
Email: admissions@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-783-2307
Email: alumni@defiance.edu

Tracy Armey
Assistant Director of Career Development
Phone: 419-783-2349
Email: tarmey@defiance.edu

Jake Arnold
Director of Student Activities and Leadership/Hall Director
Phone: 419-783-2388
Email: jarnold@defiance.edu

Art Center
Phone: 419-783-2848

Phone: 419-783-2342

Phone: 419-783-2615

Kyle Augustitus
Graduate Assistant
Facilities Marketing and Event Management
Phone: 419-783-2585
Email: kaugustitus@defiance.edu

Julie Ault
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 419-783-2367
Email: jault@defiance.edu

Tyler Ault
Head Men's and Women's Tennis Coach
Phone: 419-783-2387
Email: tault@defiance.edu

Brenda Averesch
Transfer Admissions Counselor
Phone: 419-783-2352
Email: baveresch@defiance.edu



Andrew Bacon
Assistant Athletic Trainer
Phone: 419-783-2433
Email: abacon@defiance.edu

Clarissa Barnes, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Special Education and
Director of the Hench Autism Studies Program
Phone: 419-783-2355
Email: cbarnes@defiance.edu

Janice Bechtel
Campus Chaplain / Director of Church Relations
Phone: 419-783-2444
Email: jbechtel@defiance.edu

Hannah Benzing
Graduate Assistant - Athletic Administration 
Phone: 419-783-2867
Email: hbenzing@defiance.edu

Sally Bissell
Director of Career Development
Phone: 419-783-2366
Email: sbissell@defiance.edu

Michelle Blank
Director of Library and Informational Resources

Phone: 419-783-2484
Email: mblank@defiance.edu

Kristine Boland
Phone: 419-783-2469
Email: kboland@defiance.edu

Alex Bonilla
Admissions Counselor
Multicultural Recruitment Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2569
Email: abonilla@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-783-2470
Fax: 419-783-2382
Email: bookstore@defiance.edu

Lynn Braun, M.A., P.C.C.-S.
Director of Counseling and Accessibility Services
Phone: 419-783-2548
Email: lbraun@defiance.edu

Brie Brenner
Head Volleyball Coach

Phone: 419-783-2326
Email: bhagerty@defiance.edu

Don Buerk, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
Phone: 419-783-2454
Email: dbuerk@defiance.edu

JoAnn Burkhardt, Ph.D.
Professor of Education
Phone: 419-783-2315
Email: jburkhardt@defiance.edu

Mary Burkholder
Director of Human Resources
Phone: 419-783-2360
Email: mburkholder@defiance.edu

Business Office
Phone: 419-783-2550
Fax: 419-783-2491
Email: bursar@defiance.edu

Kaycee Butt
Assistant Softball Coach
Phone: 419-576-2121
Email: kbutt@defiance.edu



Phone: 419-783-2488
Email: sodexho@defiance.edu

Michelle Call
Administrative Assistant for Academic Affairs
and Human Resources
Phone: 419-783-2325
Email: mcall@defiance.edu

Career Development Office
Phone: 419-783-2349
Fax: 419-783-2597

Dave Ciccotelli
Maintenance Technician

Phone:  419-783-2503
Email: dciccotelli@defiance.edu

Mia Cinelli
Assistant Professor of Art and Design
Director of Women's Commission Art Gallery
Phone: 419-783-2521
Email: mcinelli@defiance.edu

Ken Ciolek
Head Cross Country and Track & Field Coach
Phone: 419-783-2385
Email: kciolek@defiance.edu

Mercedes Clay
Director of Intercultural Relations
Phone: 419-783-2362
Email: mclay@defiance.edu

Todd A. Comer, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Phone: 419-783-2348
Email: tcomer@defiance.edu
Web: http://tcomer.faculty.defiance.edu/

Phone: 419-783-2590
Fax: 419-784-0426

Composition Department

Computer Services
Phone: 419-783-2312

Co-op Education
Phone: 419-783-2349

James Coressel
Director of Physical Plant
Phone: 419-783-2502
Email: jcoressel@defiance.edu

Fred Coulter, Ph.D.
Associate Professor Education
Phone: 419-783-2416
Email: fcoulter@defiance.edu

Jessica (Cox) Morris
Head Women's Basketball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2391 
Email: jmorris@defiance.edu

Lisa Crumit-Hancock
Director of Student Academic Support Services

Phone: 419-783-2332
Email: lcrumithancock@defiance.edu

Custodial Services
Phone: 419-783-2466

Scott Cutter
Head Men's Basketball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2346
Email: scutter@defiance.edu

Ted Czartoski
Maintenance Technician
Phone: 419-783-2503
Email: tczartoski@defiance.edu



Deborah Dalke, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology
Phone: 419-783-2449
Email: ddalke@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-783-2475
Email: defender@defiance.edu

Dining Services
Phone: 419-783-2488

Amy Drees
Assistant Professor of Arts and Humanities
Phone: 419-783-2334
Email: adrees@defiance.edu

Somnath Dutta, Ph.D.
Professor of Chemistry

Phone: 419-783-2428
Email: sdutta@defiance.edu



Education Department
Phone: 419-783-2323

Rachel Eicher
Assistant Professor of Practice of Early Childhood Education

Phone: 419-783-2373
Email: reicher@defiance.edu

Steve Elchinger
Maintenance Technician
Phone: 419-783-2503
Email: selchinger@defiance.edu

English Department

Eva English
Grants Officer
Phone: 419-783-2308
Email: eenglish@defiance.edu

Kimberly Esquivel
Administrative Assistant,
Student Life

Phone: 419-783-2437
Email: kesquivel@defiance.edu



Facilities Rental
Phone: 419-783-2585
Fax: 419-783-2579

Financial Aid
Phone: 419-783-2458
Fax: 419-783-2579

Fitness Center
Phone: 419-785-2997

Becky Follett
Financial Aid Office Coordinator
Phone:  419-783-2458
Email:  rfollett@defiance.edu

Amy Francis 
Director of Financial Aid 
Phone: 419-783-2376 
Email: afrancis@defiance.edu



Patricia Galdeen, DM
Assistant Professor of Business and Director of Business
Phone: 419-783-2523
Email: pgaldeen@defiance.edu

Julie Godfrey
Part-time Groundskeeper

Phone: 419-783-2503
Email: jgodfrey@defiance.edu

Casey Goff
Head Football Coach
Phone: 419-783-2432
Email: cgoff@defiance.edu

Sheldon Goodrum
Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice
Phone: 419-783-2522
Email: sgoodrum@defiance.edu

Graduate Programs
Phone: 419-783-2325
Email: gradstudies@defiance.edu

Brent Greear
Maintenance Technician

Phone: 419-783-2503
Email: bgreear@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-783-2426

Katherine Griffes
Assistant Professor of Health, Physical
Education, and Exercise Science

Phone: 419-783-2419
Email: kgriffes@defiance.edu

Nathan Griggs, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Biology
Phone: 419-783-2592
Email: ngriggs@defiance.edu

Samantha Grove
Graduate Assistant - Athletic Training
Phone: 419-783-2829
Email: sgrove@defiance.edu

Jennifer Gruenhagen
Web Communications Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2377
Email: jgruenhagen@defiance.edu

Catherine Guido
Graduate Assistant - Volleyball
Phone: 419-576-2097
Email: cguido@defiance.edu



James Hanson
Head Men's Lacrosse Coach
Email: jhanson@defiance.edu

MC Harper, Ph.D.
Professor of English
Phone: 419-783-2461
Email: mcharper@defiance.edu
Web: http://mcharper.faculty.defiance.edu

Brad Harsha
Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid
Phone: 419-783-2365
Email: bharsha@defiance.edu

Elaine Hasek
Graduate Assistant - Women's Basketball
Phone: 419-783-2383
Email: ehasek@defiance.edu

Elcin Haskollar, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Global Studies

Phone: 419-783-2440
Email: ehaskollar@defiance.edu

Alexandra Hauser
Instruction Librarian
Phone: 419-783-2483
Email: ahauser@defiance.edu

Health Center
Phone: 419-783-2527/2562

Jordan Heiliger
Service and Leadership Program Coordinator, 
McMaster School
Phone: 419-783-2479
Email: jheiliger@defiance.edu

Megan Higdon
Graduate Assistant - Sports Information
Phone: 419-783-2566
Email: mhigdon@defiance.edu

Carla Higgins, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Education and
Director of Education
Phone: 419-783-2571
Email: chiggins@defiance.edu

Cheryl Hinojosa, MSN, RN, CNM
Assistant Professor of Practice of Nursing and
Director of Nursing
Phone: 419-783-2448
Email: chinojosa@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-783-2442

Jeff Hoedt
Sports Information Director
Phone: 419-783-2566
Email: jhoedt@defiance.edu

Jodie Holava
Head Softball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2379
Email: jholava@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-783-2563

Human Resources
Phone: 419-783-2360

Caci Hyman
Assistant Director of Alumni Affairs and Advancement
Phone: 419-783-2572
Email: chyman@defiance.edu



Ryan Imbrock
Associate Director of Marketing and Brand Quality
Phone: 419-783-2302
Email: rimbrock@defiance.edu


Institutional Advancement
Phone: 419-783-2371
Email: alumni@defiance.edu

Intercultural Relations
Phone: 419-783-2362



Jacket Sports Line
Phone: 419-783-2582




Doug Kane, Ph.D. 
Professor of Biology
Phone: 419-783-2593
Email: dkane@defiance.edu

Laura Katterheinrich
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 419-783-2438
Email: lkatterheinrich@defiance.edu

Corey Kempe
Admissions Counselor
Phone: 419-783-2544
Email: ckempe@defiance.edu

Jeremy Kennedy
[Metalink Technologies]
Phone: 419-783-2599
Email: jkennedy@defiance.edu

Cindy Knight
Administrative Assistant for Business,
Social Work and Nursing
Phone: 419-783-2439
Email: lknight@defiance.edu

Collette Knight
Circulation Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2482
Email: knightc@defiance.edu

Kris Knight
Accessibility Services Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2445
Email: kknight@defiance.edu

Carson Kosier
Maintenance Technician
Phone: 419-783-2503
Email: ckosier@defiance.edu

Kathi Kosier
{WFF Custodial Services}

Phone: 419-783-2466
Email: wffcustodial@defiance.edu



Alyson Laframboise, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Biology

Phone: 419-783-2494
Email: alaframboise@defiance.edu

Learning Commons
Phone: 419-783-2389

Kristi Jo Leaders
Assistant Director of Marketing
Phone: 419-783-2545
Email: kleaders@defiance.edu

Kaitlin Lentz
Graduate Assistant - Sports Information
Phone: 419-783-2566
Email: klentz@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-783-2481
Email: library@defiance.edu

Alyce Long
Assistant Registrar
Phone: 419-783-2375
Email: along@defiance.edu

Matthew Lundin, Ed.D., AT, ATC
Assistant Professor of Athletic Training
Director of the Athletic Training Program

Phone: 419-783-2423
Email: mlundin@defiance.edu

Judy Lymanstall
Executive Secretary to the President
Phone: 419-783-2300
Email: jlymanstall@defiance.edu



Ian MacGregor
Director of Educational Partnerships
Phone: 419-783-2324
Email: imacgregor@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-783-2576/2329
Email: mailroom@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-783-2503

Richanne C. Mankey, Ed.D.
Phone: 419-783-2300
Email: rmankey@defiance.edu

Lisa M. Marsalek
Vice President for Enrollment Management
& Student Success
Dean of Students
Phone: 419-783-2587
Email: lmarsalek@defiance.edu

Ryan Mays
Library and Learning Services Coordinator

Phone  419-783-2490
Email: rmays@defiance.edu

Craig McCord
Assistant Football Coach
Phone: 419-783-2583
Email: cmccord@defiance.edu

Ryan McCormack
Graduate Assistant - Men's Soccer
Phone: 419-576-2054
Email: rmccormack@defiance.edu

Sheri McCoy
Advancement Services Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2304
Email: smccoy@defiance.edu

Lois McCullough
Vice President for Finance and Management
Phone: 419-783-2317
Email: lmccullough@defiance.edu

McMaster School for Advancing Humanity
Phone: 419-783-2552
Email: mcmasterschool@defiance.edu

Media Center (UCC)
Phone: 419-783-2484

Christopher Medjesky, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Communication Studies

Phone: 419-783-2568
Email: cmedjesky@defiance.edu

Aaron Mershman
Assistant Football Coach/Offensive Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2583
Email: amershman@defiance.edu

David Meuleman
[Metalink Technologies]
Phone: 419-783-2320
Email: dmeuleman@defiance.edu

Cathy Mikula
Coordinator of Nontraditional Student Support
Phone: 419-783-2313
Email: cmikula@defiance.edu

Tina Mohring
Director of Student Accounts
Phone: 419-783-2339
Email: kmohring@defiance.edu

Moodle Support
Phone: 419-783-2481
Email: moodle@defiance.edu

Fred Moore
Head Men's & Women's Golf Coach
Phone: 419-783-2865
Email: fmoore@defiance.edu



Joyce Nelson
Admissions Office Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2392
Email: jnelson@defiance.edu

Chad Newhard
Assistant Baseball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2446
Email: cnewhard@defiance.edu

Ryan Nunn
[Metalink Technologies]
Phone: 419-783-2312
Email: rnunn@defiance.edu



Mariah Orzolek
Phone: 419-783-2358
Email: morzolek@defiance.edu




The PaperWad, a Webzine

Edwina Phillips
Assistant Professor of Practice of Accounting
Phone: 419-783-2524
Email: ephillips@defiance.edu

Marian R. Plant, Ph.D.
Professor of Religious and Ministry Studies
Phone: 419-783-2338
Email: mplant@defiance.edu

Richanne C. Mankey, Ed.D.

Phone: 419-783-2300
Email: rmankey@defiance.edu

Press Box
Phone: 419-783-2582

Public Relations
Phone: 419-783-2590
Fax: 419-784-0426

Megan Puehler
Graduate Assistant - Music
Email: mpuehler@defiance.edu

Kathy Punches
Director of Public Relations and Marketing
Phone: 419-783-2590
Email: kpunches@defiance.edu



Rena Rager
Administrative Assistant,
McMaster School

Phone:  419-783-2552
Email:  rrager@defiance.edu

Brandon Ramsey
Graduate Assistant - Men's Basketball
Phone: 419-783-2384
Email: bramsey@defiance.edu

Terry Ranes
Athletic Facilities Manager
Phone: 419-783-2492
Email: tranes@defiance.edu

Lorie Rath
Director of Alumni Affairs
Phone: 419-783-2307
Email: lrath@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-783-2358

Registrar's Office
Phone: 419-783-2551
Fax: 419-783-2579
Email: registrar@defiance.edu

Carrie Relyea
Registration Coordinator and Veteran Liaison
Phone: 419-783-2551
Email: crelyea@defiance.edu

Kelly Repka
Major Gifts Officer
Phone: 419-783-2411
Email: krepka@defiance.edu

Residence Life
Phone: 419-783-2563

Isabell Rhenwrick, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor and Coordinator 
of Sport Management
Phone: 419-783-2336
Email: irhenwrick@defiance.edu

Vickie Rhodes
Assistant Director of Student Accounts
Phone: 419-783-2550
Email: vrhodes@defiance.edu

Timothy Rickabaugh, Ph.D.
Interim VP of Academic Affairs
Professor of Exercise Science
Phone: 419-783-2586
Email: trickabaugh@defiance.edu

Brandon Ripke
Academic Support Coordinator
Phone: 419-785-2874
Email: bripke@defiance.edu

Bradley Robinson
Graduate Assistant - Men's Basketball
Phone: 419-783-2343
Email: brobinson@defiance.edu

Kerry Rosebrook
Accounting Assistant

Phone: 419-783-2309
Email: krosebrook@defiance.edu

Mindi Roughton

Campus Visit Coordinator/Receptionist
Phone: 419-783-2359
Email: mroughton@defiance.edu

Janelle Rubio
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 419-783-2364
Email: jrubio@defiance.edu

Craig Rutter, M.Ed.
Associate Professor of Exercise Science
Student Athlete Engagement Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2374
Email: crutter@defiance.edu



Andrew Schultz
Director of Music Programs 
Phone: 419-783-2331
Email: aschultz@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-785-2825
Email: security@defiance.edu

Barbara Sedlock
Metadata and Archives Librarian
Phone: 419-783-2487
Email: bsedlock@defiance.edu

Service Learning
Phone: 419-783-2374

Lori Shafer
Mail and Copy Services Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2329
Email: lshafer@defiance.edu

William Sholl, M.B.A.
Assistant Professor of Practice of Marketing
Phone: 419-783-2221
Email: wsholl@defiance.edu

Cindy Shong
Receptionist Clerk

Phone: 419-785-2876
Email: cshong@defiance.edu

Matthew Slawinski
Audio/Visual Coordinator
Phone: 419-783-2615
Email: mslawinski@defiance.edu

Phone: 419-783-2488
Email: sodexho@defiance.edu

Steven Sondergaard, JD
Professor of Criminal Justice
Phone: 419-783-2443
Email: ssondergaard@defiance.edu

Kristin Sorensen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Psychology

Phone:  419-783-2430
Email:  ksorensen@defiance.edu

Cord Speelman
Graduate Assistant - Men's & Women's Tennis
Phone: 419-410-5846
Email: cspeelman@defiance.edu

Spiritual Life
Phone: 419-783-2444

Sports Information
Phone: 419-783-2566

Jeffrey St. Onge, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
Phone: 419-783-2456
Email: jstonge@defiance.edu

Jennifer Stark
Associate Director of Admissions
Phone: 419-783-2314
Email: jstark@defiance.edu

Jamie Starrett
Graduate Assistant - Intramurals
Phone: 419-783-2421
Email: jstarrett@defiance.edu

Lindsey Stehulak+

Phone: 419-783-2321
Email: lstehulak@defiance.edu

Kristen Stelzer
Secretary, McMaster School
Phone: 419-783-2553
Email: kstelzer@defiance.edu

Phillip Stelzer
Maintenance Technician

Phone: 419-783-2503
Email: pstelzer@defiance.edu

Debbie Stevens
Associate Director of Admissions
Phone: 419-783-2363
Email: dstevens@defiance.edu

Tom Stevens
Maintenance Technician
Phone: 419-783-2503
Email: tstevens@defiance.edu

David Stuckey
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
Phone: 419-783-2464
Email: dstuckey@defiance.edu

Student Activities
Phone: 419-783-2388

Student Life
Phone: 419-783-2437
Fax: 419-783-2597

Student Retention
Phone: 419-783-2336
Email: retention@defiance.edu

Student Senate
Phone: 419-783-2421

Mary Ann Studer
Dean of the McMaster School
Phone: 419-783-2555
Email: mstuder@defiance.edu

Tess Sullivan, MSW, LISW
Assistant Professor of Practice of Social Work
Phone: 419-783-2556
Email: tsullivan@defiance.edu

Arif Sultan, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Economics
Phone: 419-783-2431
Email: asultan@defiance.edu



Jeremy Taylor, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of History
Phone: 419-783-2305
Email: jtaylor@defiance.edu

Namporn Thanetsunthorn, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Business Administration
Phone: 419-783-2356
Email: nthanetsunthorn@defiance.edu

Judy Thrasher, RN
Director of Health and Wellness Services
Phone: 419-783-2527
Email: jthrasher@defiance.edu

Michele Tinker
Director of Annual Giving
Phone: 419-783-2303
Email: mtinker@defiance.edu

Kevin Tong, M.S.Ed., ATC
Assistant Professor of Athletic Training 
and Head Athletic Trainer
Phone: 419-783-2340
Email: ktong@defiance.edu

Adam Trausch
Assistant Cross Country and Track & Field Coach
Phone: 419-783-2335
Email: atrausch@defiance.edu

Michelle Trubey
Administrative Assistant, Athletics
Phone: 419-783-2342
Email: mtrubey@defiance.edu



Alexander Uxley
Graduate Assistant - Baseball

Email: auxley@defiance.edu




Jordan Valentine
Head Men's Soccer Coach
Phone: 419-783-2588
Email: jvalentine@defiance.edu 

Abby Vetter
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Phone: 419-783-2474
Email: avetter@defiance.edu

Jenny Vincent
Head Women's Soccer Coach
Phone: 419-783-2475
Email: jvincent@defiance.edu

Ron Vorlicky
Maintenance Technician
Phone: 419-783-2503
Email: rvorlicky@defiance.edu



Jennifer Walton
Director of Residence Life
Phone: 419-783-2563
Email: jwalton@defiance.edu

Teresa Watkins
Administrative Assistant for Education
Phone: 419-783-2323
Email: twatkins@defiance.edu

Timothy Wedge
Associate Professor of Practice of
Digital Forensic Science

Phone: 419-783-2415
Email: twedge@defiance.edu

Kathleen Westfall
Associate Athletic Trainer
Phone: 419-783-2345
Email: kwestfall@defiance.edu

Kenneth Wetstein, Ph.D.
Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Phone: 419-783-2463
Email: kwetstein@defiance.edu

Derek Woodley
Head Baseball Coach
Phone: 419-783-2341
Email: dwoodley@defiance.edu



Alesia Yakos-Brown
Associate Professor of Practice of Social Work
Phone: 419-783-2425
Email: aybrown@defiance.edu


Rudy Yovich
Athletic Director
Phone: 419-783-2380
Email: ryovich@defiance.edu



Becca Zebrowski
Coordinator of the ASD Affinity Program
Phone: 419-783-2525
Email: rzebrowski@defiance.edu

Vice President for Enrollment Management & Student Success Dean of Students