The McMaster School for Advancing Humanity was founded to serve as a focal point for teaching, service, scholarship, and action to improve the human condition worldwide.

The mission of the McMaster School:

  • to educate students for responsible citizenship;
  • to produce committed global citizens and leaders who understand the importance of individual liberties in improving the human condition worldwide; and
  • to encourage graduates to take an active role in addressing these issues in whatever professions they may choose.

The School serves as a catalyst for innovative, interdisciplinary, community-based work by creating and supporting opportunities for teams of faculty, students, and staff to use their academic and professional skills to address community needs.

15th Anniversary Celebration

Dear McMaster Scholars,
This year, we celebrate the 15th anniversary of the McMaster School for Advancing Humanity. The McMaster Fellows and Scholars will be at the heart of the celebration that will take place on October 20, 2018.  
As this huge milestone approaches, it is important that we are reflective.  We have compiled a short survey to collect data on the impact that the McMaster program has had on its Scholars. Please take a few minutes to complete the surveyMcMaster School 15th Anniversary Scholars surveyThank you for your work as a McMaster Scholar and for your time completing the survey. You have laid the groundwork for many Scholars to be successful as the program continues. Watch for more information about the event.