How Defiance College helped Ely King defy the ordinary

A young women with her hair pulled up in a bun is on her hands and knees on a while tile floor with three children. She is pulling colorful sticks from a plastic container on the floor.Ely King came to Defiance College with dreams and goals: to be involved on campus, to play softball, and to travel internationally. "At most colleges, students wouldn't be able to achieve all three of these goals," says Ely. "At Defiance, not only was I able to achieve all three, I've been highly supported in all aspects by professors, coaches, peers, and beyond."

The senior business administration and mathematics major realizes how much DC has impacted her future. "Going into college, I had no idea what I wanted in life. I simply knew that I liked and was good at math. With encouragement from my math advisor, I decided to double major. My professors and faculty and staff have been amazing, always pushing me to excel and giving me opportunities."

At DC, Ely has amassed an impressive resume, taking advantage of countless opportunities to expand her leadership skills, volunteer in the community, and apply classroom knowledge on an international scale. Her activities include Honors Program, Service Leaders, Campus Activities Board, Softball, Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, and chair of Student Senate. She has traveled three times as a McMaster Scholar to Cambodia and Belize.

"I think the 'freshman Ely' would be proud of how much I have accomplished," she says. "Aside from a wonderful education provided by professors invested in each and every one of their students, I grew as a person outside of the classroom. I am very thankful for my time here at DC, and I am confident that, no matter what job I pursue, because of my incredible experience at Defiance, I am well-prepared and certain that I will succeed!"

After graduation, Ely wants to work in the field of marketing analytics with a goal to work internationally.

Defy the Ordinary.

Like Ely, you have dreams, goals, and passions. Some are fully formed, and others you have yet to discover. At Defiance, we nurture excellence. We transform good students like you into exceptional leaders and help you excel, just like Ely. We are a college that helps you maximize your potential, find your passion and your place, and succeed.

At Defiance, you will be a doer. We excel at giving our students real-world experience - earlier and more often than at most colleges - and we invite you to make an impact locally and throughout the world. Many of our students are committed to service and strive to make a difference, both now and in the future. They are changing the world, one individual, one project, one community at a time.

We invite you to create your own distinctive pathway to success at Defiance. We invite you to become a difference-maker.

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