HOMETOWN: Sylvania, Ohio
MAJOR: Computer ScienceYoung blonde girl in a dark navy lace shirt smiling at the camera


When I first began searching for a college, I was only looking at colleges with programming majors since I want to do some sort of coding. Computer Science is usually for people who want to build computers, and I’m not a fan of getting electrocuted. However, once I started talking to friends and family members about programming, one member in particular, who happens to be president and CEO of Vestige Ltd., mentioned that Defiance College has been producing a large number of skilled graduates, so I looked into it. I've never seen a Computer Science major cover so many important but diverse topics like Defiance! And it's not all about the education either; it’s about the community and attitude Defiance has. There's such a personal touch to everything Defiance does, and I love it!

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You have dreams, goals, and passions. Some are fully formed, and others you have yet to discover. At Defiance, we nurture excellence. We transform good students like you into exceptional leaders and help you excel, just like Michaela. We are a college that helps you maximize your potential, find your passion and your place, and succeed.

At Defiance, you will be a doer. We excel at giving our students real-world experience - earlier and more often than at most colleges - and we invite you to make an impact locally and throughout the world. Many of our students are committed to service and strive to make a difference, both now and in the future. They are changing the world, one individual, one project, one community at a time.

We invite you to create your own distinctive pathway to success at Defiance. We invite you to become a difference-maker.

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