HOMETOWN: Waynesville, Ohio
MAJOR: Molecular Biology (Pre-Medicine)Young man in a blue collared shirt with a grey sweater over it. He is smiling at the camera.


After visiting the campus, I realized what I am looking for in a school. Defiance has many great qualities from academic and athletic standpoints. There are many activities and clubs that I will be able to participate as a student. Being a part of something like the Service Leaders Program will allow me to give back to the community. Additionally, a great program at Defiance is the McMaster School for Advancing Humanity. I am really interested in this program because it will allow me to help communities outside of the U.S. along with the opportunity to become a better leader and global citizen. I believe attending Defiance College will lead me on the right path to being accepted into medical school and furthering my education to become a physician.


I am excited to begin the next stage of my life at an excellent institution like Defiance. Everyone at Defiance is dedicated to help me succeed and prepare me for the future. The DC family is truly a family, and I can't wait to be a part of it next fall!

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