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The Defiance College CARE Team’s role is to collaborate, assess, respond and educate in potentially unhealthy situations for persons on our campus.  Our mission is to provide a systematic response to address persons whose mental or physical health and/or behavior may be disruptive, concerning, harmful or pose a threat to themselves or to the health and safety of the college community.  

As a CARE Team, we define harmful on a broad continuum, from being harmful to their or others’ ability to be successful while here at DC to posing an actual physical harm or risk to themselves or others.  

We hope to intervene early in a situation in a caring manner to ensure that all on campus are able to work to achieve their full potential while here at DC.  


As a CARE Team we want to:


The DC CARE Team:


If you have a concern about an individual, please submit your concern via the Submit a Student Concern button on myDC or email careteam@defiance.edu