Teachers do more than just teach. In every subject, at every grade level, and in every administrative duty, teachers rise to the continual challenge of helping students make learning their own passion as they expand their knowledge and refine their skills.

Teachers change the world, living themselves into the lives of students who will take away not only what they have learned and use it, but also who they have learned to be.

The Teacher Education Program at Defiance College has a rich heritage. For more than 100 years, the College has prepared and graduated teachers who not only teach, but also become principals and superintendents. The success of Defiance College education graduates rests in part on the rapport established with area schools and the caring, personal attention given to each student by the experienced faculty.

At Defiance College, future educators find programs suited to their interests and abilities--early childhood education, adolescent integrated mathematics, visual arts, or something else. Through the Hench Autism Studies Program, students may even minor in Autism studies and receive training on effective strategies for successful integration of persons with autism into education, vocational, family and community settings.

Get ready to change the world one student at a time.


Teacher Education Program

Admission Requirements:

Program Admission Requirements

Pre-Candidate Handbooks:

Teacher Education Handbook Spring 2014

Candidate Handbooks

The Teacher Education Candidate Handbook

Defiance College offers the following majors leading to teacher licensure:

Endorsement Programs

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Education Accreditation
Defiance College's Teacher Education Program has received accreditation by the National Council for Accreditation of Teacher Education. All teacher licensure programs have been nationally recognized (approved) by either the appropriate professional organization in Early Childhood; Middle Childhood, Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies; Adolescent to Young Adult Licenses in Integrated Language Arts, Integrated Math, Integrated Social Studies, Life Sciences, and Life Sciences and Chemistry, and Multi-age License in Physical Education and Health or by the Ohio Board of Regents.

Ohio Education Licensure
Since the Ohio Department of Education periodically changes teacher licensure requirements, the College reserves the right to modify its programs and requirements to meet changing state standards. The professional courses and the teaching fields outlined will meet the current state standards for teacher licensure in Ohio. Students interested in teaching in another state are advised to contact that state's department of education to determine if the Ohio teaching license will transfer to a comparable license in that state.

Field experiences in schools, an important part of the program, begin as early as the first semester of the sophomore year, continue through a variety of classroom settings, and culminate in a supervised student teaching experience during the senior year. Studies in teaching diverse student populations are part of the program.

Field Experiences

Defiance College is fortunate in that it has developed a sound rapport with area schools. This type of partnership provides excellent opportunities for students to receive “hands-on” experience under the guidance of highly qualified school teachers or coaches. These field experiences are an important part of the instructional program and they culminate with a supervised student teaching experience. These experiences will be provided through opportunities in the classroom or gymnasium activities, as well as through local coaching experiences.

After College - What’s Next?

Defiance College graduates are very successful, both in the classroom and in administrative roles. A high percentage of classrooms in northwest Ohio schools are staffed by well-trained Defiance College graduates, but our graduates are often sought by school districts from many parts of the country. Graduates have also been selected into the Teach for America program. With additional training, many graduates also work as principals, superintendents, and in specialty positions such as guidance counselors and program coordinators. Educators who have already completed their baccalaureate degree may choose to enroll in Defiance College’s Master of Arts in Education program.

Graduate Programs

Master of Arts in Education
Teacher leadership, the theme of the program, is implemented through four goals:

  1. Teacher leaders will model effective planning and delivery of instruction.
  2. Teacher leaders will engage students in learning and accurately evaluating the students’ performance.
  3. Teacher leaders will be committed to collaborative faculty improvement through mentoring and coaching.
  4. Teacher leaders will demonstrate the use of scientifically based research to solve classroom and school problems.

Graduate programs offered in education
- Master of Arts in Education
- Master of Arts in Education/ Adolescent and Young Adult Licensure
- Master of Arts in Education with Coaching Concentrations
- Master of Arts in Education Intervention Specialist
- Master of Arts in Education with Ohio Reading Endorsement

Evening and summer classes are available.