Alumni/ae Organizations

Three students talking in a group on campus

The Defiance College Alumni/ae Executive Board is a voluntary organization of Defiance College and functions as an extension of the Office of Institutional Advancement. The AEB and Defiance College work together to further the interests of alumni/ae, advance the College, and improve the DC experience for the Yellow Jackets of today and tomorrow!

Casey Gibson '05, President
Rachael Bowling '92
Amy Daeger '97

Mollee Galloway Nunez '14
Austin Kleman '10
Joshua Lacumsky '98
Jim Martin '88
Mary Marvel '77
Marcia Mohre '04
Shay Pursel '05
Eric Stricklin '10
Carolyn Walters '69
Steve Sondergaard, Faculty Representative

Since its inception, the Alumni/ae Varsity 'D' Club has supported capital improvements for Defiance College athletics. Previous projects have included the construction of a softball press box, refinishing the McMaster/Weaner Center floors, bleachers for the soccer field, and furnished the Hall of Fame lounge. More than 35 projects have been supported by AVD to enhance the athletic experience for every team on campus. Defiance College thanks the members of the AVD Club for their continued support of DC athletics.

Mike Snyder '64, President
Bill Ondrus '80
Dave Polzin '71
Kirsten Meyer '76
Mark Miller '81
Marv Retcher '72
Kaycee Butt '11
S.G. Brugler '68
Kelly Coble '11, '13

If you are interested in being on the AEB or AVD Board, contact us at 419-783-2304 or