Admission Requirements

ASD Affinity Program

The ASD Affinity program is designed for students who meet the following requirements:

  • Are 18-24 at initial enrollment
  • Have a documented diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder (DSM-5); autistic disorder, Asperger’s disorder, or pervasive developmental disorder not otherwise specified (PDD-NOS) (DSM-IV-TR) (as indicated by a psychological evaluation)
  • Have an average intellectual ability (e.g., intelligence quotient > 80 as determined by intelligence testing)
  • Meet the Defiance College academic admissions requirements: 2.25 GPA and 18 ACT
    *Please note: Consideration for admission to the ASD Affinity Program also requires completion of the separate Defiance College Application for Undergraduate Admission.
  • Are independent with self-care and hygiene skills (e.g., bathing, oral hygiene, shaving)
  • Are independent with all medication administration
  • Are able to stay overnight independently (that is, at least one night alone) and complete all necessary daily living skills
  • Have no documented incidents of aggressive behavior toward others or self-harm within the last 5 years


The following confidential documents must be submitted to the Defiance College Office of Admissions in order for ASD Affinity Program applicants to receive full consideration by the admissions committee. The two applications may be completed online or by paper.

Please fax any paper documents to 419-784-4101, scan and email to, or mail to Clarissa Barnes, ASD Affinity Program, 701 N. Clinton Street, Defiance, OH, 43512.



  • Current psychological evaluation or Evaluation Team Report (ETR)
    • Psychological evaluation or ETR must have been conducted within the last 3 years
    • Psychological evaluation or ETR must include the following information
    • Results from intelligence testing (e.g., Stanford Binet IV, WAIS-IV) and Achievement testing (e.g., Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, Woodcock Johnson Tests of Achievement)
      *Results should include subtest scores and a detailed narrative
    • Documentation of ASD diagnosis/qualification of services
  • Most recent individualized educational plan (IEP) if applicable
  • Two letters of reference from high school teacher, counselor, therapist, and/or principal
  • Complete an on-campus assessment with the Hench Autism Studies Program Director