Admissions Criteria

Defiance's admission standards are competitive. Most admitted freshmen generally maintain at least a B average in academic coursework since ninth grade, score above the national average on the ACT, and complete a college preparatory academic curriculum.


Defiance asks students to submit an official high school transcript that demonstrates academic ability and promise. The General Educational Development (GED) tests scores may be substituted for this requirement.

Along with academic achievement, we consider other factors that influence performance, such as the caliber of your high school and difficulty of courses. Generally, successful applicants submit transcripts that include in-depth work in English, mathematics, foreign language, science, and social studies.


Standardized test scores are only one factor in our evaluation, and we interpret scores in light of each student's total record. To be considered for admission, a student must submit ACT or SAT scores. 
Note: If two or more years have passed since graduation, this requirement is not applicable.
As you prepare for the tests, use Defiance College's ACT school code of 3264, or our SAT school code of 1162. Your results will be sent directly to the admissions office.


Defiance College has a rolling admission policy. You may apply for admission at any time during the calendar year. We accept applications for fall semester, spring semester, or summer enrollment. You may submit an application for admission as soon as you have completed the eleventh grade. We encourage high school students to apply in the fall of the senior year.