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Business Administration Major

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Business Administration at Defiance College offers a strong curriculum, outstanding professors, and experiential learning that provides depth of knowledge and real-life perspective for meeting the challenges of today's business and economic environment.  As the world becomes increasingly dependent on technology, globalized trade and investment, and e-commerce, there is increasing demand for graduates who are able to develop innovative solutions in business settings.  At Defiance College, you will develop the knowledge and skills to succeed in ever-evolving business environments. 

The Defiance College business programs are recognized as both theoretically sound and practical. Covering all functional areas of business with advanced courses in management, marketing, and economics, business administration is designed for students who desire a strong professional program that prepares them for a position in either the profit or nonprofit business sector.


Majoring in Business Administration

Business Administration is a professional field of study requiring comprehensive coverage of all functional areas of the business environment without sacrificing and awareness of the arts, sciences, and humanities. The major covers all functional areas of business with advanced courses in management, marketing, and economics. The major requires 66 credit hours.

On-the-job training is provided through internship and cooperative education opportunities. 

Business Minor
The business minor is designed to provide relevant courses to students whose majors are in another department and who desire to acquire the fundamentals necessary to understand and use business principles in an organization. Students majoring in one of the business areas are not eligible to earn a minor in business.


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The mission of the Defiance College Bachelor of Arts Degree with majors in the Business Administration Division is to expand each student's knowledge in the business disciplines (accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, quantitative, communication, strategy, etc) and the liberal arts through education, scholarship, and service.

The Mission will be accomplished by tracking graduation rates in the division and through coursework and service opportunities. Service and Leadership are part of curricular and co-curricular activities that are either optional or required i.e., athletics, McMaster School, Habitat for Humanity, Christian organizations, BASA, etc.



Unique Opportunities

Enactus (Entrepreneurial-Action-Us)
Students have an opportunity to be involved in Enactus, a community of student, academic, and business leaders whose goal is to use entrepreneurial action for transforming lives and shaping a more sustainable world.

Sigma Beta Delta Business Honor Society
The purposes of Sigma Beta Delta are to encourage and recognize scholarship and achievement among students of business, management and administration, and to encourage and promote personal and professional improvement and a life distinguished by honorable service to humankind.



After College — What's Next?

Careers in business include positions in management, marketing, and financial areas.

Students can also choose to attend graduate school. We have students who work for Sara Lee, First Federal and Charter One Banks, Menards, The Federal Reserve Bank, and Henry County Family Court. Some of our graduates have even started their own businesses.


Mauricio Garces

"The success of DC's business program is a credit to the professors' willingness to guide students in critical thinking. To succeed in the workforce, I must know how to apply the skills I’ve learned. My advice is, don't go with the flow, but take initiative in the classroom because you will be handed a diploma, not a job!"

Mauricio Garces
Business Administration Major



Azure-Dee Patrick


"With the knowledge that I took from the classroom and the experience that I gained in my internship, I feel fully confident that I will succeed in my future; both with graduate school and my career."

Azure-Dee Patrick
Business Administration Major





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Defiance College has received specialized accreditation for its business programs through the International Assembly for Collegiate Business Education (IACBE), located at 11374 Strang Line Road in Lenexa, Kansas, USA. The business programs in the following degrees are accredited by the IACBE: 

This accreditation offers the following benefits: enhanced reputation; international perspectives; continuous improvement; best practices; accountability; and evidence of quality business core.

IACBE Assessment Results Defiance College | Strategic Plan Business Department


The Faculty

The faculty in the division strives to go beyond the training of technicians by developing students who can work and communicate effectively with others who will be productive members of organizations and the communities in which they live.

Patricia Galdeen, DMOL, Assistant Professor of Business
419-783-2523 |

Edwina Phillips, M.A.,
Visiting Assistant Professor of Practice of Business and Accounting
419-783-2524 |

William Sholl, M.A., Assistant Professor of Practice of Marketing
419-783-2221 |

Arif Sultan, Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of Economics
419-783-2431 |

Robert Kohl, Ph.D., 
Professor Emeritus of Economics
419-783-2328 |