Frequently Asked Questions

Office of the Registrar


Below are answers to some frequently asked questions. If you need information that you cannot find on our web site or on this FAQ page, please contact us so that we can assist you.


How do I change my address?
If a student at DC, please contact the Registrar's Office. If an alumni, please contact the Alumni Office.

How do I order an enrollment verification?
Verification of enrollment can be requested by logging on to Onestop. Forms requiring completion by the Registrar can be dropped off at the Serrick Campus Center, room 204.

How do I order a transcript of my academic record?
Official transcripts are obtainable through the Registrar's Office, Room 204 Serrick Campus Center. A request for an official transcript must be made in writing and must include the student's signature. You can print and fax in the form located on our website. Requests can be submitted in person, by fax to 419-783-2579, or by mail to the Registrar's Office, 701 North Clinton St, Defiance OH 43512. The Request should include student's full name, Social Security Number, dates of attendance, current addresses and, of course, the complete address to which the transcript should be sent. It's wise for a requestor to include a telephone number in case there is a question regarding the request. Official transcripts cannot be produced immediately upon request. Although we suggest that students allow one week for the transcript process, most requests are filled within three working days of their receipt. Transcripts cannot be produced for students whose accounts with the Business Office are not clear and those students will be notified. There is a $5 charge for transcripts.

Students currently enrolled may print a "student copy" from Onestop.

How do I adjust my schedule for an upcoming semester?
Your advisor must approve any adjustment to your schedule (with the exception of a change in course section). Your advisor must sign a Drop/Add form and you must bring it to the Registrar's Office to make the official change.

How can I find out what courses are available each semester?
In order to check for course availability, we recommend that you use the Schedule of Classes located here on our web site.

What happens to Incomplete ("I") Grades?
"I" grades must be replaced by the instructor. Work must be completed by the student no later than exam week of the semester following the awarding of the incomplete. Therefore, incompletes awarded in fall must be converted to the letter grades by the end of the spring semester. Incompletes awarded in spring or summer must be converted to the letter grades by the end of the fall semester.
Unless the dean authorizes an extension, an "I" that is not replaced before the deadline becomes an "F" grade and is computed as an "F" in the GPA.

How is a grade changed?
The instructor must submit a written "grade change" form. When an approved grade change is received by the Registrar's Office, the new grade is posted to the student's academic record and the student is sent an email notification that grade has been changed. A grade change does not appear on a grade report card; instead it appears on the transcript. A student can view her/his grade by selecting the transcript option on Onestop.

I earned my degree during the Summer (or Fall term). What happens to me?
Students who complete degree requirements in the summer and were approved for graduation receive degrees dated August.

Those who complete requirements during the Fall Semester receive degrees dated December. The academic transcript indicates that the degree requirements are completed and the degree will be conferred in May. If the graduate's account with the Business Office is clear, the diploma is forwarded to the student

How can I obtain a copy of my son or daughter's grades?
The College does not release grades to parents. The sharing of grades between parents and the student is a family matter. Students have access to their semester grades by logging into Onestop at